Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Presidential Spanking

President Obama may have won the election to run the country but Joe Lieberman and John McCain run the U.S. Senate and that can make all the difference in the world. This week the dynamic duo single handily gutted the Health Care Bill that Obama has staked his entire Presidency on. These are two Senators you wouldn’t want to play chess against. Obama is now checkmated by these two and the left is hopping mad.
It looks like President Obama is about to be punished for his leftist ways. Joe Lieberman who is the last Jew in congress to support Israel wants Obama to pay politically for his missteps with his homeland and McCain echoes those same feeling. Paybacks can be tough Mr. President which you now understand.
The President may be able to read a good teleprompter but his D.C. strategy is a bit lacking.
Remember Mr. President you may be the second coming of Marx but you still have to get past the thin blue line on Capitol Hill. I know many in our country have felt that patriotism has been lost in congress but this action by Lieberman and McCain could be ranked right up there with one of John Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage”.

UPDATE : 12/16/09 8:00 AM PST
Now MoveOn is after Joe Lieberman in a big way. One of my operatives just sent me this email from MoveOn this morning attacking one the most intelligent and distinguished Senators in congress. They have every intention to destroy this fine Senator. As you can see in this letter they have a laundry list of complaints with Joe. I thought you might be interested in seeing the turmoil that the democrats are now in as they continually attack each other.
Yes, it is good that they are now attacking Joe, maybe next time he’ll caucus with the Republicans.

Dear MoveOn member,
First, Joe Lieberman helped President Bush invade Iraq, and the Democrats in Washington forgave him. Then, he endorsed John McCain, and they forgave him again. Then, he personally attacked Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention, and still the Democrats forgave him.1
Now, Joe Lieberman is single-handedly gutting health care reform. The time for forgiveness is over. It's time to hold Senator Lieberman accountable.
First, we're going to launch a huge ad campaign to make sure every last Connecticut voter knows that Senator Lieberman is blocking strong reforms. Then, we'll push Senate leaders to strip him of his chairmanship and seniority. Finally, we'll work to defeat him in his next election.
Our goal is to raise $400,000 in the next 24 hours, to send a deafeningly loud message that we've had enough of Joe Lieberman. That'll take at least 10 donations from your area—can you chip in $5?
Sen. Lieberman has been one of the biggest obstacles to real health care reform with a public option all year. But over the past two weeks, he's taken it to a dangerous new level.
First, he demanded that the public option be removed from the bill. Then, last night, he killed an expansion of Medicare—an idea that he himself championed just three months ago and that was added to the bill specifically to satisfy him.2
He's shown that he can't be reasoned with. Most of all, Joe Lieberman can't be allowed to stay in the U.S. Senate.
We can do this. Connecticut is a solidly blue state, going 60% for Obama in 2008. Polls in Connecticut show he's in trouble. Thirty percent of Lieberman voters in 2006 said they would not vote for him again, and, in another poll, he trailed one possible Democratic opponent by a whopping 44 points.3
We've had enough of Joe Lieberman. Please help raise $400,000 in the next 24 hours to send him home for good. To get there, we'll need 10 people in your area to help out. Can you contribute $5 right away?
Thanks for all you do.
–Nita, Carrie, Wes, Steven, and the rest of the team

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