Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's Time For Janet Napolitano to Go !

As President Obama “dithers” in Hawaii, his nonexistent war on terror seems to be inconveniently rearing its ugly head, again. Now we have a second possible terrorist attack in Detroit within two days and again a no show from “The Anointed One.” Where the hell is he?
I imagine he is just a little embarrassed about all of these attacks. I guess his friends over at Al Qaeda didn't get the memo about standing down against America since we, now want to kiss and make up.
Is this President a fool? As these attacks keep occurring, let’s not forget the non terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. This fool of a President and his foreign policies are becoming the laughing stock of the free world. This President has with his actions and deeds given Muslim terrorists the green light to attack with vigor. Terrorist know that when captured they will be treated with kid gloves, given three squares, a lawyer and let’s not forget a personal publicist.
He is now managing the “War on Terror” like he’s managing our economy, from afar.
This morning on CNN from San Francisco our “Lesbian” Head of Homeland Security, Janet Ann Napolitano slipped up by saying she took action within an hour and a half before the President knew of the first terrorist attack in Detroit. She also said that everything worked well to stop the attack. What the hell was she smoking over there in the Castro?
I find it interesting why it took so long for the President to be notified by even Napolitano. I didn't know Hawaii doesn't have phones.
Where was the President, that he couldn't be informed about the first terrorist attack in Detroit? Who was he meeting? Was he even in Hawaii? These are all questions that should be answered.
Maybe it's time for Janet to say bye bye and let's get somebody in there that can protect the American People.
As the clock keeps ticking on an Israeli attack on Iran this week, Iran wants to “bring it all home” for Americans, by funding and directing these continual terrorist attacks on our homeland. Don’t expect this to stop. There could be literally 100’s of similar attacks coming in the next few weeks. Iran has many operatives here in America which will be used to upset our normal business and civilian operations, so expect anything, anytime and anywhere

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Anonymous said...

"The system worked" Is this woman out-to-lunch or what?