Sunday, December 6, 2009

American Street Riots Are Right Around The Corner !

Right now in Athens Greece we are witnessing the future for Europe and the United States. Riots are spreading throughout Greece on the first anniversary of a student killing by a police officer. To break this down in simple terms, the people that are rioting are European Anarchists who want a complete disruption of all European governments. They hate government and they want anarchy, thinking that anything is better than what they have now. After decades of Socialism in most European countries with most governments already bankrupt or near bankruptcy the people have had it and are taking to the streets.
The irony is that we here in America are being pushed towards the same failed style of governing as Europe with the obvious consequences staring us in the face.
Many people in America are now starting to think that way and could eventually take to the streets if they are not heard. The Tea Party people are not Anarchist and should not be confused with the Anarchist Movement. Many Anarchists are centered in most major cities in America from New York to San Francisco. Many are young and unemployed and have plenty of time with nothing to lose.
It’s very important to watch all of this 7 minute video to see the thousands of people in the streets. The commentator is speaking Greek but you’ll get the idea.
When people are not heard and lose hope in their governments they destroy their governments that provide nothing for them but pain and suffering. That is what’s happening in Greece and as our U.S. recession turns into a depression many here will violently gather in our streets and could kill and destroy all that we have built.
Is this really what President Obama wants for America? If so, it would be best to resist.

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Anonymous said...

The citizens of this great country have had quite a bit shoved down their throats since Obama took the throne. I think we're fast approaching 'the straw that broke the camels back' and it's not too far off in the future. The citizenry is being ignored. Their voices are falling on deaf ears. There's a pervasive arrogance that runs through the current Administration. The longer this continues, the more frustrated the masses will become and at some point, they will as you said, take to the streets. Nobody wants anarchy, but when you try and strip people of their freedoms and back them in a corner, they are going to come out swinging. It's human nature.