Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Network of Terror Schools in America ?

This is an article from Fox News Houston that speaks of possible contact points for terrorists in the U.S.
Al Maghrib (almaghrib) is a network of schools in the United States that seem to be strategically positioned around our major cities and points of interest. I did notice that they have a presence in Ontario Canada with boarder schools in Michigan and New York. Look out if your living in other states like California, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Texas,
Like I mentioned in past articles relating to the Ft. Hood attack by Major Hasson, the terrorist was attending a mosque that may have been networking with the Al Maghrib School in Houston. Let’s not forget that the kingpin to both Ft. Hood and the Christmas Day attack is the terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki who is now operating in Yemen. It will be very interesting to see who supports this school. It wouldn't surprise me if we see some friends of Barack Obama on that list.

HOUSTON - An Islamic Education Network with offices in Houston is confirming that terrorist suspect Umar AFarouk Abdulmutallab did attend an seminar here in August of 2008.
We now know something about Abdulmutallab's visit to our city. Perhaps more importantly, it's what we don't know about his visit here which could be of concern.
AlMaghrib is a not-for profit organization that provides courses on Islam throughout the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.
It's main headquarters is here Houston. But no one from the Houston office was available for interviews.
According to information emailed to Fox 26 News, by AlMaghrib's chairman Irtiza Hasan, Abdulmutallab did attend a conference in Houston the first two weeks of August 2008.
Hasan says records confirms that Abdulmutallab registered for the conference in April 2008, paid in July and then notified AlMaghrib of his flight arrangements. Those flights are listed as arriving in Houston from London Aug.1 and returning to London Aug. 17.
The conference was called the Ilm Summit and held at a local hotel. On-line documents describe the Ilm Summit as directed towards Western Muslims, teaching such subjects as Islamic history, sciences and managing Islamic Centers.
Local terrorism expert Mike Fjetland said federal authorities have a lot of questions to answer regarding Abdulmutallab's visit.
"What was he really doing? Who did he really meet while he was here? Was he checking out potential targets, for example."
According to Fjetland , Abdulmutallab had his U.S. Visa since June '08--just months before he arrived in Houston.
"Anytime someone like him makes a stop someplace it's for a purpose. And I think the purpose is more than attending religious school for two weeks," Fjetland said.
Hasad said his organization is working with all authorities on this and will continue to cooperate. Al Maghrib is not considered an accomplice to any terrorist organization or activity.

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