Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obama Signs Secret Executive Order

Yesterday in the midst of the Rush Limbaugh heart attack scare President Obama signed another one of his stealth executive orders. Not 30 miles apart from each other on the small island of Oahu we have the two most influential people in American politics congregating under the same full “Blue Moon.” We have one in the hospital fighting for his life with the other telegraphing al-Qaeda’s next move to the world.
“ANTHRAX” is the next move by our Muslim friends from the east. Of course it is, after all, why would the President of the United States issue an executive edict to utilize the U.S. Postal service to deliver antidotes to citizens attacked by biological chemicals? That’s right, for some reason in the midst of his vacation out of nowhere he’s worried about “ANTHRAX.” Hell, I always think of “ANTHRAX” while I’m laying on the beach soaking up the rays. Are you kidding me Mr. President, are you kidding me!
Well, let’s see we've just captured a terrorist in Detroit trying to blow up one of our commercial planes and now not a week later he’s signing orders to deliver medicine to the dying people of America.
I don’t know about you but from now on, I think Ive got a damn good reason not to open my mail, what do you think?
From the New York Rag today.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- If the nation ever faces a large-scale attack by a biological weapon like anthrax, the U.S. Postal Service will be in charge of delivering whatever drugs and other medical aid Americans would need to survive.
In an executive order released Wednesday, President
Barack Obama put the Postal Service in charge of dispensing ''medical countermeasures'' to biological weapons because of its ''capacity for rapid residential delivery.''
While most likely unrelated, the release of the executive order comes less than a week after a man with alleged ties to al-Qaida tried to bring down a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner. In recent days, Obama has sought to assure the public that his administration is doing what it can to protect the nation from terrorist attacks.
Under the new order, federal agencies must develop a response plan that includes possible law enforcement escorts for Postal Service workers and gives anthrax ''primary threat consideration.''
Anthrax made headlines in the weeks following the 2001 terrorist attacks when letters containing the substance were sent to lawmakers and news organizations.
The spores killed five people: Two Washington, D.C., postal workers, a New York City hospital worker, a Florida photo editor and a 94-year-old Connecticut woman who had no known contact with any of the poisoned letters. Seventeen other people were sickened.
Obama says his decision to give the Postal Service a role in responding to a widespread biological attack won't supersede the authorities of other agencies.


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Happy New Year's Nick!!

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Same to you XO XO
From the" voice of direction." Always on guard.

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Jim said...

Your headline reads "Secret Executive Order", but the text of your article reveals that the executive order wasn't secret, but actually made public. I'm disappointed by your demagoguery on this. If the issue's important, you don't have to make up "Secret" claims.

Anonymous said...

Whether it's posted as secret or not. Haven't we all known these secrets because they have never been a secret. The writings been written right before our eyes but we've been so distracted by their slide of hand programming television, cable, the newer music We've all been blind sided. Pay Attention was one if the first rules/guidelines of our childhood that our elders taught us. Pay Attention stop and smell the roses