Friday, February 24, 2012

The Best of Nick on Facebook

By Nicholas Contompasis

Remember, as gasoline marches towards $6 a gallon and you actually think twice about getting into your car. The Congressmen who don't condemn or stay silent on the Presidents energy policies are in on the plan to fleece the American consumer for additional taxes. You see most of what you pay at the pump is tax not the product. The higher the price the more tax they collect from you. Don't let this happen to you America. Vote Nick for President in 2012. - This message was approved by Nick

We have a President that ignores existing laws, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, issues executive orders when he doesn't get his way with Congress and plays golf while millions are still unemployed. Yet, he will not take responsibility for his countless failed policies that keep America on life support while millions go through their savings trying to just survive.
This shouldn't be happening to our great America. Vote Nick in 2012. - This message was approved by Nick.

Valerie Jarrett: "Unemployment Stimulates the Economy"
- and to think this woman is Obama's first in command - she's either one dumb broad or she's the biggest Marxist that's ever hit the White House. - N.P.Contompasis

Conservative talk radio works because it’s based on pure logic. Congressional political compromises aren’t based in logic. The American people can no longer ignore the illogical decisions that now control every aspect of their lives. The American people want logical decisions from their government. Vote Nick for President, a simple man with logical solutions for America.

This is how the liberals work. They overload the private sector with regulations and FINES. They make it so expensive for small businesses to operate they’re forced to close down. The need for the service escalates; people demand that the service be provided by anyone, so the government steps in to provide the service by making government even bigger. The government than provides half the service at twice the cost. They win you lose. Don’t let this happen to America, vote for Nick on Election Day.

Maybe it's time to get out of Afghanistan since Obama has turned our country's efforts over there into a low-level police action, when it should be treated like a war. Nick for President.

Nick loves Jews, Jews that will defend Israel. Vote Nick for President.

Marie Colvin a brave U.S. reporter was killed by President Assad's troops in Syria. Over 50 reporters have died this year already covering the civil upheavals throughout Asia and Africa. - N.P.Contompasis

Not one CNN statement about Obama's disastrous economic, social and foreign policy record. Pathetic. GOP should pass next time.
Jerry Brown bound for Washington, will meet with Obama - Gee, I wonder why, since the state of California runs out of money next month....... - N.P.Contompasis

Did you know you have only 9 months to sell off assets to pay estate taxes when you inherit. Goodbye family farms and businesses. You have to borrow the money or the IRS will lien on the property where it could be sold off for taxes in a public auction.
Only an idiot would vote for Obama and Democrats that changed a no inheritances tax to now the highest it's ever been. Vote Nick for President.

Logically speaking, the six islands that Obama gave away to the Russians look like they belong to them, not us.
Would you spill American blood over these cold-ass chunks of rock?
Congratulations America, you gave away the best medical care the world has ever had the honor of having. In the future they will say that the decline of medicine started in 2010. Yep, and you gave it away without as much as whimper.
Now, you still have a chance to get it back and stop the erosion, if you act fast. If you don’t, without incentives, in twenty years, hospitals will be old, rundown and attended by untalented technicians who will do the work that the best Doctors used to perform with accuracy. If you don’t, you’re condemning the next generation to a governmental meat grinder. – N.P.Contompasis

The solar energy industry in Germany is dead as a door nail. The German government has decided to end $120,000,000,000 subsidies to its failed green industry. America wake up before it's too late.
Remember every dollar your government takes from you, that's one less dollar for you and your children. Vote Nick for President

Why would anyone trust anything Liberals push when everything they've jammed down our throats has never worked? Save your hard earned money. Vote Nick for President!!!

Oh, and the rents to damn high!!!!
Democrat Congressmen George Miller from Northern California is a arrogant fraud who says he wants to save Medicare while voting to cut its funding by a half trillion dollars. He creates jobs only for his family members who now fleece the American taxpayers by taking millions from the federal government for their failing green energy companies. Energy prices are high now because of his Party's strangling of the domestic oil and gas industry, so to make green energy somewhat cost effective. It's all a big game to these guys is playing while the middle class is crushed. He should never hold public office again. - N.P.Contompasis

Obama kills domestic oil & gas exploration, because he need's higher energy prices to help his campaign contributors and family members of congress who are in alternative energy bilk the American taxpayer of billions!!! - Vote Nick for President

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