Monday, February 6, 2012

What the Hell’s Going On???

By Nicholas Contompasis

I’m sorry; I didn’t get the memo, did you? Obama gets the Nobel Prize for Peace seconds after taking his royal throne. What did I miss? For that matter what did most Americans miss, that the rest of the world already knew?
Why does President Bill Clinton fly to North Korea to save some well-connected hikers who just happened to be wandering over the most dangerous border in the world? Was I out to lunch again when this damn memo got passed around?
And then we have more wandering well-connected American souls who just happen to be picnicking on the Iranian border, are arrested and subsequently freed due to some extremely high U.S. pressure.
What the hell is going on?
Oh, and we have that Jewish man who Castro says had entered Cuba to smuggle in high tech communications devices that helps social networks work on the enslaved island.
Oh and we can’t forget the  Arab Spring, where nearly 150 million people just happen to decide to dump their leaders in less than six months with it still continuing in Syria and Myanmar.  
Well, if you’re just like me and didn’t get the memo, stick around, the Egyptian trial of scores of Americans who got caught doing what all of the above have attempted over the past three years since Obama took the reins of our foreign policy, will be very interesting. It’s going to be so interesting that over forty Congressmen and the President himself are moving heaven and earth to get them released back to the U.S.
Whatever’s going on, this administration doesn’t want it known and will stop at nothing to keep it confidential and on the QT.
Oh and if you happen to have that memo and know what’s going on, why not tell the rest of us!!!

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