Thursday, February 2, 2012

Attention New York Residents - We're Going After Obama's Eligibility in the Empire State

Sharon Rondeau is reporting that On December 2, 2011, New York State registered voter Robert Laity filed a “Challenge Petition” with the New York State Board of Elections against Barack Hussein Obama, claiming that he is “disqualified constitutionally from serving as President of the United States of America” and that his election to the office in 2008 resulted from fraud.
Laity is the author of several articles published at The Post & Email and has corresponded with his state senator, Mark Grisanti, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, regarding his concerns over Obama’s ineligibility to serve.
The Post & Email asked Mr. Laity several questions about his ballot challenge.
Q. Did you do this entirely on your own or with help from the new organization

A. The Obama Ballot Challenge inspired me to file in my State.
The Post & Email interviewed the director of the Obama Ballot Challenge initiative, Capt. Pamela Barnett (Ret.), who told us that the goal of her organization is to assist people to file eligibility challenges against Obama, or any other unqualified presidential candidate, in every state before the 2012 election after researching each state’s election laws and challenge periods.   Her website has reported on Laity’s challenge here.
Q.  Do you know when New York’s “official” challenge period began and when it will end?
A. I called the Public Relations Office at the NYS BOE and they told me that the 2012 Political Calendar is not out yet and that they are in the process of determining when to set the Primary period.  I understand that there is a period of only three days after a candidate declares to challenge him/her.  I have been attempting to obtain an acknowledgement letter from the NYSBOE Legal Counsel Paul Collins (his phone line has been busy for days). NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo sent me an Email which I will forward to you.  He has been apprised of my Challenge.
The response which Laity received from Cuomo’s office reads as follows:
From:  Governor Cuomo
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 3:25 AM
To: Bob Laity
Subject: Thank you for your Correspondence
Thank you for your e-mail. To build a stronger, better New York, we need the participation of citizens like you -- sharing your ideas, comments, and concerns.  Your input is invaluable to our mission to create a government that works for its people, and I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me.
I want to assure you that your e-mail has been received and that it will be read and shared with the appropriate members of my staff.
I encourage you to return to my website, where you can review my Administration’s initiatives and familiarize yourself with my office and YOUR state government.
Thank you again for sharing your perspective and for joining in the effort to build a new New York.
Andrew M. Cuomo

Page 1 of New York State ballot challenge, citing Obama's ineligibility and other alleged crimes

Page 2 of Mr. Laity's challenge petition
Q.  Did you present evidence of the crimes you allege against Obama?
A. I have requested a hearing with the NYS BOE and I have also provided them documents, news stories and public knowledge items that I will expound on if a Hearing is had with the Board.
Laity’s ballot challenge was sent to James A. Walsh, Co-Chair, New York State Board of Elections, and Eric H. Holder, Jr., putative Attorney General of the United States, as indicated at the bottom of the petition.
Q. Have you received any acknowledgement from Holder or James Walsh?
A. No.  I did enlist the counsel of my City Alderman, William Poole, and have apprised my NY State Senator Mark Grisanti.  Mr. Poole advised me to send another copy to the Board by Certified Mail.
Q. What is the next step?
A. I am seeking the services of an Election Law Attorney in my area.  I called the Erie County Bar Association in Buffalo, NY.  I am also going to send my previous December 2nd Letter by Certified mail to both the Erie County Board of Elections and the NY State Board of Elections.  I have been asked to work with another NY State resident, Michael Miller, brother of George Miller.  I sent a comment a couple of weeks ago to Greg Rogers, CEO of Rogers Media in Australia.  He has not written anything as of yet regarding the comments I sent.  In passing, I called Mark Simone, a WABC New York City talk show host, and when the call screener found out what I wanted to talk about, "The Obama eligibility issue," I received a resounding "NO!!!"  The subject being discussed that day, December 27,2011, was "Obama."  I sent Simone an Email that very day with my objections to not being heard.

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