Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scumbag George Soros Beats Up and Abandons Young Beautiful Lover - Soros Secrets to Be Revealed

Billionaire radical George Soros sued by ex-girlfriend

By Jim Kouri

America's richest left-wing radical activist, George Soros is being sued by his former "main squeeze" for $50 million. Soros' former girlfriend claims he physically and emotionally abused her as well as broke his promise to buy her a multi-million dollar Manhattan condo apartment.
Adriana Ferreyr, 28, alleges Mr Soros twice during their five-year relationship said he would buy her a home, but he then reneged.
The soap opera actress filed the lawsuit in Manhattan court on Wednesday, but Soros, 81, through his spokespeople claims the lawsuit has no merit and Ms. Ferreyr is being deceptive.
Ms. Ferreyr's attorney , Robert Hantman, told the Associated Press news agency the decision would ultimately rest with the court.
The lawsuit filed by Ms. Ferreyr accuses Mr Soros of "a malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation", and inflicting emotional distress, battery and fraud.
She accuses the powerful radical of promising in January 2010 to buy her an apartment on an exclusive street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan -- her "dream place to live" -- worth upwards of $2 million.
The multi-billionaire Soros has a pattern of setting up organizations in various nations called Open Society Foundations which have facilitated coups and rebellions in many countries, always ostensibly in the interests of "democratization."  According to his detractors, the subversive mission of his Open Society network has required him to wear a variety of masks: In some countries, he adopts a pro-communist pose, while in others he plays the anti-communist. 
Recently, news that George Soros was buying one hundred political "reporters" for National Public Radio (NPR) created a stir, but it highlighted the fact that he's spent tens of millions of dollars to influence public opinion. His heavily funded Media Matters is notorious for being a smear machine against conservative politicians, commentators and organizations.
It's often joked that Soros appears to be a super-villain from a James Bond 007 motion picture.
Soros' anti-American agenda began with his critique of America's birth.  He argues that The Declaration of Independence is also open to different interpretations.   The principles of the Declaration are not self-evident truths but arrangements necessitated by our inherently imperfect understanding.   Because these founding principles have no special sanctity and represent no timeless truths, Soros views them as disposable.   They can be changed at will, to fit the radical fashion of the day.   And the rewriting of the U.S. Constitution happens to be one of Soros' pet projects, according to political strategist Mike Baker. 
In Ms. Ferreyr's lawsuit, she claims that Soros arranged to purchase the apartment through a company he controlled, but soon after the purchase closed, Soros broke up with her, she says in court documents.
In June of that year, Ms. Ferreyr says, the pair reconciled. Mr Soros told her as they lay in bed that he had given the flat to a new girlfriend.
When she became upset with his remark, he slapped her on the face and "proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her", the legal documents allege.
The lawsuit claims that when the pair again rekindled their romance, Mr Soros offered to buy her another apartment - this one worth $4.3 million, but he again broke his promise.
Ms Ferreyr said that as a result of this, she had to be prescribed medication because she was suffering from "intense depression and anxiety."
Soros' billions have helped radical groups in the U.S. for years. Recently he donated millions of dollars to NPR to hire reporters to investigate conservatives.

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