Tuesday, August 30, 2011


By Nicholas Contompasis

I titled this article "Internationalism" not "The New World Order," although, I was tempted.
For the past two decades since George H. W. Bush uttered the words on the world stage "The New World Order" it was obvious to most that we had embarked on a new course in world supremacy. But did we?
Per Wikipedia, the definition of "Internationalism is a political movement which advocates a greater economic and political cooperation among nations for the theoretical benefit of all. Partisans of this movement, such as supporters of the World Federalist Movement, claim that nations should cooperate because their long-term mutual interests are of greater value than their individual short term needs."
Per Wikipedia, the definition of "New World Order" refers to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government.
Now, reading the definitions of both, they appear to be synonymous, one and the same and in fact are the same!
There is no doubt that the interconnecting of nations by wireless and internet devices has brought the people of the world together and they're comparing notes.
The Third world is now joining hands and using the United Nations to push for a New World Order of Internationalism. Some insist it's a top down movement but in fact it's the opposite.
The countries on the short end of the stick now have the clout and the guts to confront industrial nations over their greed and dominance that have been prevalent for decades. The industrial nations realize they're outnumbered ten to one, so a compromise had to be reached or there would be wars and disruptive mass migrations. After all, the third world has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
A good portion of most industrial nations' politicians have sympathized with the Third World and have structured a game plan to soften their own people for the big change.
In Europe, the Labor and Socialist parties have combined forces to break every national bank with more and more labor demands. In the United States it's the Democrat party that's doing the heavy lifting, led by President Barack Obama.
But, most everyone over the age of thirty-five sees nothing more than a resurrection of the failed Soviet style brand of communism or socialism in this New World Order of Internationalism.
The promoters of this new Internationalism speak of a one world language, no borders, no hateful speech, minimizing religion, one currency, one global banking system, laws that reach across borders, troops that reach across borders, and last but not least, one world government.
The idea is for everyone to be equal and for everyone to have the same station in life, meaning the ones that now have, have to give it up to the ones that don't.
It sounds noble and Christian but in reality, globally this seems pie-in-the-skyish.
Internationalist's realized early on that for any movement to be successful the opportunity to make billions of dollars was necessary. So, the smart ones came up with the schemes, the lies and falsified facts relating to our weather, our industrial progress, our health care and most of all anything logical was now turned on its head and viewed as lunacy.
It can now be said that Al Gore is the poster-child for the Internationalist's global-warming scheme supported by false science, the United Nations, and promoted by Al Gore who received a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award for the largest hoax ever perpetrated. Little did most Americans know that, at the time, Mr. Gore was scheduled to benefit handsomely from every trade of carbon credits traded on a new exchange of which he would have partial ownership.
But, one must not feel alone in fighting this global movement, for it's in every country around the world in one stage or another.
Historically, leaders have always tried to emphasize a nationalistic feeling amongst their people, to galvanize them into an efficient fighting force that can defend their borders or invade their neighbors, but not Internationalism.
In first world countries Internationalism does everything in its power to destroy a citizen's love for his country. They tear down everything that's good and working in a country, to make way for the changes brought in by Internationalism.
The formation of the Tea Party in the United States is a product of the enormous push-back coming from the American people. Ironically, there are branches of the Tea Party forming in Europe in an attempt to restore nationalism destroyed by the Eurozone.
Make no mistake about it, Internationalism is here to stay and will slowly attempt to destroy your love for your country. They will attempt to divide you from your country, your flag, your God, your children and your property.
Internationalism should be feared, because it is attacking you, where you live.
From environmentalists using lizards to shut down portions of our private sector, to school teacher unions pushing for more time with your children to indoctrinate them with Internationalism, this threat is great.

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