Friday, January 10, 2014

Islam and Its Two Major Sects Shia-Iran and Sunni-Saudi Arabia

Iran is Shia, who we hate because of their terrorist activates and who continues to attempt to spread its influence around the world.
Saudi Arabia is Sunni, where the West gets all of their oil and who tends to side with Western ways and interests. But, make no mistake they suck too.
Some say Obama has sided with Shia-Iran and has allowed them to continue to develop their nuclear program while walking away from a relatively fragile partnership between Israel and Saudi Arabia-Sunni.
Obama was raised Sunni (Saudi Arabia) in Indonesia. That’s his background, not Shia!
Some say that Obama refused to go into Syria because he backed the Shia-Iran element fighting against Assad who is also allied with Iran. Confused yet?
Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that Obama isn’t really siding with anyone. He’s simply scared to death of getting involved with anyone that will involve him in a protracted conflict that would hurt him politically instead of supporting his allies and their interests. Those allies are Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe who gets most of their oil from.
He simply is putting his political survival in front of the West’s interests around the world and our enemies now know it. That my friends, is very dangerous for us as a people because when quasi-super powers like Russia and China see this yellow streak down the back of a U.S. President they see opportunity.
As this religious war wages on and its puppet masters continue to pull their strings, lines become more blurred as the last Superpower on Earth is absent, making matters worse.
Where has support for the greater good gone, to Hawaii on vacation???


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