Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Mainstream Media and Where It's Going

In a Globalist world each region will be represented by "ONE" news outlet spouting the same thing. It's kinda like four Soviet Pravda's regurgitating the same government lines. 
In Europe it's BBC, in the Muslim World it's Al Jazeera, in Asia it's China's propaganda machine and in the United States we call it the Mainstream Media. 
They are all working in tandem to slowly brainwash you into thinking that Globalism is good for you, it's fair for all and you can't live without it. Like the Global Warming Hoax the next hoax will be the Global Mainstream Media that will tell you what they think you should know and never ever told the truth.
If you don't believe me track the media since the fall of the old failed Soviet Union and watch were they take us in the coming years. Our younger genrations won't stand a chance as they paint history and the world like another one of Oliver Stone's disinformation movies. - N.P.C.

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