Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Assad is now being called Hitler by the New World Order

This is how it works. The British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC is the mouthpiece of the New World Order - NWO. I usually don't use that term. My preference is Globalists. 
It's very important to listen to the BBC because they tell you who's on the Globalists hit list and right now it's Assad of Syria.
This is how it works. With the largest news network on the ground in every country around the world the BBC acts as the CIA, a news gathering organization, to expose human rights atrocities. Currently many from Africa are on their list since Africa along with the Middle East is where most atrocities occur.
The BBC develops or stokes international opinion against a target which can and does end up in the International Criminal Court at the Hague.
The idea behind this is that individuals commit war atrocities/human rights violations and humans can be picked out individually to pay for these crimes. By turning any world leader into a pariah and issuing arrest warrants globally they become the hunted and can never leave their country. They become prisoners within their own country while Globalists support internal forces to pressure him or her out of office. Sometimes civil wars occur and sometimes street demonstrations do the job, but one thing is sure this new method of human rights enforcement is starting to work.
Let's hope this method works with Assad and other tyrants around the world. 

Breaking News - BBC this morning is reporting internationally proof Assad of Syria is a mass murderer. Defector has over 55,000 photographs of murdered, starved and tortured citizens, 11,000 in all. War crimes lawyers say he must be tried at the Hague. Assad is Hitler.
The defector was working for the Assad government for 30 years. This is a big deal. International crimes lawyers have been interrogating him for months.

- N.P.Contompasis


Anonymous said...

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Cabal seems to have that vilification of the opposition technique down pat. They are not alone, however.
Don't the maggots there realise that they are just 'Useful Idiots' and that the moslems will boot them all out when the BBC helps them take over Parliament.
Nobody trusts a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Both news and entertainment media require constant vigilance for the subliminal messaging - especially PBS kids..