Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video of Tom Fife Telling of His Story of Barack Obama in Moscow 1992






Anonymous said...

I read,and there was a newspaper article-Watertown Dailey Times Feb.14 1992 page 8. There was a Roman Obama 31 years old enrolled at the Patrice Lumumba Univeresity. Said he was from Equatorial Guinea-not from but went thru GE to get to Moscow to go to this University to study Communisum.

Anonymous said...

This is such blatant BS. 1992 was just after the dissolution of the USSR and I believe the Communist Party was disbanded in 1991 and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation not formed until 1993. So in 1992 there was no Communist Party for this alleged Russian woman to be an apparatchik of. Certainly, she wouldn't have had any power that the others at the party would have feared as Fife describes. Also, if she knew these things, she wouldn't be spouting off about them of American guests. Sorry, this story doesn't even come close to passing a smell test.

Anonymous said...

I think it does. What proof do you have that the group and its members magically appeared after the fact. These types of groups and its members brew for awhile before being reported on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous commentor who says the Communist party was dissolved in 1991. Your ignorance or misinformation is astounding. The communist party has never been dissolved anywhere on earth, certainly not in Russia.
Apparently you didn't listen carefully to Fifes explanation of this woman's position or to the reasons given for her loose lips.