Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama to Sign Executive Order Granting Mass Israeli Migration to U.S.

President Obama is expected to sign executive order 13,555 tonight 6/3/10 granting full citizenship to all Israeli citizens who choose to leave the homeland within the next 6 months.This startling move by the Obama administration has many in Washington wondering what he's up to. Has the President given up any hope in defending the Jewish homeland? Apparently so, as the Defense Department is now being asked to set up logistics in getting ten million Jews out of the middle east. This came as a shock to most Israelis who have come from around the world to establish their homeland and now are strongly being asked to leave. It seems this move by Obama is meant to undermine the current Israeli administration led by Prime Minister Netanyahu. It's been rumored that representatives of the Obama administration have been secretly meeting with leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah arranging the takeover of the old Israeli territory after the willing Israelis have left. Any remaining Israelis will be under the new authority led by a coalition of Arab groups. It is thought that this move would alleviate pressures that have been building in the region since Iran started developing nuclear weapons. This story is, of course, a spoof but on many levels has merit.


donna said...

You had me going for a minute there. Sure am happy to learn it was a spoof story. Guess I thought it COULD be happening.

Rickp84 said...

You do realize that many of your readers won't read through to the last line and won't know this is a spoof right? That's how crazy rumors like 'death panels' get started. Don't call yourself a journalist, you're just a shit stirrer like Glenn Beck.

WayneElvis said...

Rick, Have you watched Glenn Beck? His staff has done an incredible amount of research to back up every claim he makes...wish mainstream media would do that instead of blindly pushing the leftist party line. Though you are right, most wouldn't have read the last line! LOL But honestly, did you see Friday's episode on Black Founders? Amazing men left out of history, and Beck is reminding us that this country was fought and paid for by all men, even during the revolutionary war. Just watch a rerun on his site, it will open your eyes, amazing stuff.

Planchers Bois Franc Golden Elite said...

Trash. Absolute trash. Keep your worthless misinformation off the internet.

Unknown said...

Wayne, have you watched Glenn Beck? I have watched him several times, because I want to know what kind of crap the other side is making up. His staff doesn't do any research, he just says whatever crazy thing pops into his head. Where else do you get information? Anywhere other than Fox?
The episode on Black Founders sounds interesting but judging by the way Beck has misconstrued the life and beliefs of Thomas Paine, I doubt the episode is very accurate. I am begging all of you to please read books on your own, not the ones Fox News tells you you should read, but books that actually have historical merit in regards to politics and economics.
Also, another thing that bothers me about Beck is the phony crying, that's how I know it's all a sham when he rubs some Vicks under his eyes and starts crying about how much he loves his country. If he really loved it so much he would stop misleading his ever-shrinking television audience and just go away.

Anonymous said...

Wow....had me going til the end. That is rather irresponsible writing to say the least.

jess said...

you are an idiot

Anonymous said...

okay so i commented a few minutes ago on your recent "obama world update" post and claimed that it was by far your best work....but u have proved me wrong sir. I now take back that honor and place it upon this article my good man.

If there were only some type of awards given out to blogs each year you would sweep both the " Best Bullshit" and "Most Pleasurable Hand-Jobs Glenn Beck Has Received" categories.

I also appreciate that you claim to be the voice of direction that so many of us angered by the Obama administration need. I myself happen to be a Christian Conservative from California and I can say with gusto that you speak for me in no way, shape, or form.

Your blog and a significant proportion of the Tea Party movement (including their celebrity leaders Beck and Palin) are the greatest supporters of the left by wasting time on ridiculous arguments that anyone with a high school GED can see are worthless.