Monday, June 21, 2010

12:10 A.M. Tuesday June 22nd 2010 the Left Side of the Presidential Bed

The President was having his recurring dream of Vera on the beach in Martinique when a nasty buzz cut through the late evening air, “I’m sorry Mr. President” the voice suddenly announced over his bedroom intercom, “we have a security alert and you’re needed downstairs as soon as possible.” “Yes, I’ll be right down” he grumbled.” Why the hell can’t they leave me alone,” as he pointed his face towards Michelle. She mumbled something the President couldn’t understand while turning away from him. “What was that,” he said? With a deliberate twist of her body towards him she said “You said Vera 3 times in your sleep, you fuck.” Oh shit he thought I’m so screwed. That thing was over 10 years ago and my subconscious keeps hanging me, I’m out-a-here.
He slipped down the staircase and entered his communication office along with his four Secret Service men. After 45 minutes he emerged flushed, with his mind whirling. My God, he thought, I need a cigarette and about two days to digest this crap. As he stepped out into the warm Washington night he lit up one of many cigarettes he would be smoking that morning. He strolled through the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden for what seemed like hours while thinking. He was coming to the realization that revolution in America can’t happen unless you have the backing of the majority. His ever thinning ragtag followers are not real believers he thought. They’re in it for themselves and say they believe, but won’t sacrifice for the cause. The only ones I can count on now are the believers who remain in the shadows. Maybe Putin was right, he thought, “be rich and you can be the puppet master.” This whole thing is falling apart and I’m left to answer to the shadows.
He knew that today’s 6-3 Supreme Court decision reinforced the Patriot Act and criminalized any support of any kind for terrorist groups. This was a huge setback for those in the shadows. It could mean that many of his supporters could be charged criminally and that in itself could destroy his Presidency and most of all his plans for America. He thought to himself how a special prosecutor could connect the dots to him using this law and that really tempered his mood.
Part of this morning’s phone call deeply troubled him. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard was rounding up green party supporters and executing them on the spot. He knew this could put a crimp in Gates’s plans for Iran. He was counting on an interim government made up of the Green party, but if they’re all dead that leaves nobody to govern. The possibility of another Iraq left him cold knowing the wheels had already started turning.
The balance of the phone call addressed a radiation leak from a secret reactor in North Korea. For the last two days sensors picked up the leak and the South was getting nervous. Could it be an intentional leak to devastate the South, he thought? He was really starting to hate this job. By turning his back on all U.S. commitments he thought he’d have time for his domestic agenda. But as he has come to realize he would need about 5 more of himself to just act like he was going through the motions. It seemed he couldn’t depend on anyone. Most are looking for the next gig and a big paycheck. You can’t have a revolution with that kind of staff. Something needed to be done and done soon or he could miss his golden opportunity. As he thought of how he would replace his staff with real believers day 508 of the Obama Presidency was just starting in the well manicured Jackie Kennedy Garden.

Special Note:
This is a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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