Wednesday, June 9, 2010

President Barack Obama, Guilty As Charged For The Intended Destruction of United States of America

Just the other day it came out that President Obama has not met with British Petroleum's CEO Tony Hayward over America’s biggest ecological disaster. Does that seem shocking to you or familiar? It should be the latter. Let me refresh your memory. If you recall last year, General Stanley A. McChrystal requested 60,000 more troops to complete his mission in Afghanistan. While the President “dithered” for 8 months over his request, it came out in a 60 Minutes interview that the General had never even met the President let alone discussed the problem. Now, let’s remember the General is Obama’s lead man in his lead war in Asia. So, why wouldn’t he have met him and why wouldn't he have met with CEO Hayward of BP?
Well, it’s not complicated if you understand Obama’s agenda. Obama’s agenda is to teach America and punish America for its “failing ways”, his words not mine. He’s using these events as teachable moments for Americans to learn from. He is also doing this to Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East. This is kind of a tough love technique that’s been used on children for years. How’s that going down? Now do you feel more like a 5 year old right about now, you should?
You see in the McChrystal request he was willing to lose the war in Afghanistan so he could eventually point to the failures of past more conservative administrations and in the BP oil spill it’s all about showing you how bad you are for loving and buying oil guzzling cars that pollute our environment. Again to be later used to reinforce his leftist ways and win votes.
Make no mistake about it, this President will sacrifice anyone and anything to make his point by simply not cooperating.
If I ran the law firm that will ultimately defend BP in this horrible disaster the perfect defense would be to point out the lack of concern by this President to solve a problem that is part of his agenda. Furthermore, his record would be perfect proof of a President that is more interested in punishing America then helping it.
After 18 months of this Presidents first and only term, the verdict is now in, President Barack Obama, guilty as charged for the intended destruction of United States of America.

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