Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama World Update

Since Obama’s foreign policy change for Eastern Europe the Ukraine today had to announce they will not be entering NATO. Obama has thrown the Ukraine back into the Russian sphere of influence to be abused and starved as in the past. Expect most Eastern European countries to be swallowed back up by the Russian magnet.
Yesterday, a Catholic bishop was murdered in Muslim Turkey. Turkey a major player in NATO has been quickly turning eastward toward radical Mecca with global domination in its sights. Expect NATO to be contaminated and castrated by this member state. If and when Turkey turns its back on Europe, it will signal the beginning of a global religious war between Islam and all others on our tiny planet. The chess pieces are now being set up for this global conflict similar to World War II where millions died and millions more will die.
In the United Kingdom there are now 85 Sharia courts (Muslim religious courts) that are now overriding English laws. This, if you’ve been following the Islamic game plan is a major step in dominating a country. Yes, they are attempting to do this here in the U.S. Look for these courts to be tried in the states of Ohio and New York first. As long as the Congress and the Oval Office continues to be dominated by Muslim loving leftist theorists this could happen sooner than you think.
As the world condemns the one true democracy in the Middle East Israel, the U.S. sits on the sidelines watching them sink in public opinion and support. The loneliness of Israel just makes it more possible they will attack Iran as a defensive measure. The longer Israel waits the more will die in any future conflict or conflicts.
With the open U.S. border policy by Obama well in hand illegal’s and terrorists continue to pour into our country. This open border policy is a policy of a “one world order government’ which says there are no more borders and people can come and go as they please in any country they want. Sounds nice if you’re from Bangladesh but if you have a nice life in America, kiss it goodbye. But again remember Obama has no concern for your quality of life, he has only one goal and that’s to fill our country with people that will vote for him and continue his reign of terror on the average American.
As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues to ooze and with the help of the Gulf Stream sending it C.O.D. back to British Petroleum’s home office in London, Obama still seems bewildered by the mess he’s created. “If only I had acted sooner”, must be going through his head hourly, not a chance. He left this to leak because he wanted to show oil loving America that their love affair is a tainted romance.
Today’s unemployment rate signaled only that things are getting worse not better and the President still does nothing to create real jobs in America. Global markets are crashing as I write this article implying Obama’s economic policies are not only hurting America but all of our trading partners. Where will they go when Obama completely destroys our country? Where will we go?
As liberals, socialists, dictators, tyrants and enemies of Christianity, Judaism and capitalism act on the Obama green light signaled on inauguration day back in 2009 the orderly world we once lived in is now out of control with no end in sight.
End of the Obama World Update

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Anonymous said...

i just stumbled upon this amazing blog as i was on Glenn Beck's facebook page and i have to thank the author thoroughly for providing me with a good ten minutes of entertainment.

please please continue to write the "obama world update" posts as often as possible as they are by far your best work.

Again thank you very much for putting in the time and effort to write such slanderous and racist thoughts down. There are few other places (besides 4chan) where i can read posts this inaccurate and offensive.

God bless you!