Thursday, June 24, 2010

8:50 P.M. Thursday June 24th 2010 The Hamburger from Hell

The President made sure that everything was ready for his early morning hop to Huntsville, Canada for the G8 meeting with world leaders. Michelle, still pissed about his lunch today, poked her head into the bedroom and literally yelled at him “Barack, what’s up with that lunch with Dmitry today?” The President knew it was coming but not now, he thought, Christ not now. “Yeah, sweetheart what-cha-mean?” “You know what I mean” she blurted. “Those goddamn hamburgers you guys had today. I’m out spreading the word about proper eating and I got you making headline news while eating greasy hamburgers. Now what kind of message are you sending by doing that?” “Sweetheart it was Dmitry’s idea.” The President thought back to after lunch when Dmitry let out a sound byte to reporters about how unhealthy it was to eat a burger. He of course inhaled it, it was so good. The President thought, that fucking Bolshevik covers his ass and leaves me holding the bag. Then she started into the smoking thing, rattling on about how he promised not too, but now he was back sucking on those cancer sticks again. Damn he thought, one of those sticks would be nice right about now.
Today, was not as crazy as yesterday but the news of his polls was seriously bad for this sinking President. The people are getting more angry as time goes on and his phony firing act of McChrystal didn’t seem to help, if anything it appeared to hurt.
The vision of Iranian Special-Ops planting explosives 100 feet beneath the Deepwater Horizon kept running through his mind. He knew, and most everyone in the world would know, that only one person would benefit from the shutting down of the Gulf oil rigs and that person was his biggest single supporter, George Soros. A blind man could connect those dots. With the CIA now in the game he was starting to feel the pressure of another front opening up. This problem would now be added to the long list of disasters he created in his short term in the White House.
News coming out of Chicago wasn't so rosy either with the Blago trial now exposing members of his White House staff, specifically Rahm his Chief. He lamented that it would be a bitch if what happened in Chicago would take him down. He knew if the right people talked his Presidency would be over in a flash. Chicago was a cesspool and everybody was involved and vulnerable. He knew the problem wasn’t Chicago and the machine. It was him winning the White House. That wasn’t supposed to happen. His ambitions were noble but considering the fish bowl he was swimming in he just may have put the entire machine under the microscope of a very smart Federal Prosecutor. That prosecutor was now about to send the infamous Governor of Illinois to the slammer for years and he smelled more blood in the water.
The President’s head sank into his down pillow as he tried to sleep, while Michelle’s snoring murmured in the background as day 510 of the Obama Presidency sank further.

Special Note:
This is a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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