Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Carly Fiorina, Her Dirty Little Secret

Carleton S. "Carly" Fiorina last night won the Republican spot to run for Senator from California against Barbara Boxer the “liberal” Jewish incumbent. This childless pro- life Stanford grad has every intention of bringing back some sanity to the Senate. She tried to help John McCain’s failed attempt at the presidency in 2008. I’ve seen her at rallies and felt her work for McCain was excellent. She is well spoken and well experienced for the position.
Of course she was the embattled CEO of Hewlett Packard who orchestrated the takeover of Compaq Computer which eventually helped HP for the next 10 years in their expansion during the boom years of the ‘00s. Now looking back on that period it was obvious that the leadership of HP was liberal democrat and Carly’s politics didn’t help her in the board room.
The nature of California has turned nasty, anti-government and has moved more center right then in years past. Surprisingly most strategists still haven’t gotten this yet. The passage in 2008 of Proposition 8, shutting down gay marriage was the beginning of the end of liberal domination in the Golden State. The Catholic Church along with the Mormon Church rallied their people and won. With an anti-God message coming out of government and the Oval office the church is now engaged and will not stop at defeating the liberal minority in California.
People in California have connected the dots and have realized that two “liberal” Jewish women representing them in the U.S. Senate is destructive to California.
So, Carly Fiorina’s dirty little secret is that she’s a conservative Christian who is steadfastly defending the rights of the unborn, the living and believes in being fiscally responsible. She plans on breaking the “liberal” Jewish stranglehold that has had California gasping for breath over the past few years.
All of the above is true, but many won’t say it for fear of an anti-Semitic backlash. Make no mistake about it, the operative word here is “liberal”, not Jewish.

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