Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Video is Our Future If You Let It

You will learn more from this video than any other video you watch this year. Take the time to understand what this video is saying and how it can help you. I usually post political articles and videos but this video is bigger than all that.

At first blush this video seems to be a buy gold advertisement, but it's not. It's peppered with so many facts that most Americans have missed. It perfectly explains the precarious state we are all in.


woodwarddc said...
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woodwarddc said...

This is for real and is happening now. Our population is divided roughly into segments consisting of 2/18/80, i.e. 2% make things happen, 18% "get" what's happening, and 80% haven't a clue. At the end of this video there is reference to getting just 20% of our population recognizing and reacting to what is happening the rest will follow. That is the 2% plus the 18%. Which segment are you in? - Dave Woodward