Monday, June 14, 2010

Video - Drunken Congressman Beats Up Student And Attempts Homosexual Act on Him in D.C.

Congressman Bob Etheridge a democrat from North Carolina beat up a student reporter on the streets of Washington D.C. the other day. He was obviously drunk and has sex on his mind. This is the type of people the Tea Party is trying to get rid of in government. We must clean out these vial despicable people before they destroy our country. The video is a perfect example of the type of people running our country now. This should make you hopping mad.


Ann said...

There was no mention of sexual assault. Does no good to use the same type of falsehoods the left uses. Unless you know something no one else knows.

Jim said...

I agree with Ann. Prove it, or remove it. We need TRUTH more than stories.

Unknown said...

This guy doesn't know what truth is. He's a sensationalist who tries to get pageviews by making headlines that are just outright falsehoods. He even calls himself, "the voice of direction the world has been waiting for", he's just another crazy person who 20 years ago would be standing on a street corner wearing a cardboard sign that says "the end is near", ranting about god knows what, but today thanks to the internet even schizos like this guy can make their voice heard.