Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There Is Now an Organized Worldwide Anti-Semitic Movement

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu defended his country’s seizure of six ships bringing supplies and possibly arms to the Gaza Strip where the terrorist organization Hamas is running this wayward country.
With the now well oiled worldwide anti-Semitic machine pumping out lies and exaggerations about this act of self defense, condemnation of Israel is coming out from even the United States. Obama has been noticeably quiet on this matter but his silence shouts volumes and his stooges like Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s statements yesterday showed disapproval. With the takeover of the United Nations by these leftist socialists who hate Israel no Jew is safe and that goes for Americans who support Israel.
“So, Israel is guilty till proven guilty” the embattled Prime Minister went on to say. His somber look told the whole story of what Israel is facing. Frankly I saw the only path he must take for the defense of his people and the sovereignty of his country.
I saw on his face war, war that he must wage to save the world that just won’t listen to reason. What does one do when the path is so obvious and the world looks the other way by condemning the defense of freedom? What has history said about the ones that stood up against tyranny and oppression while others looked away?
We are about to find out much sooner than we think.

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Anonymous said...

Netanyahu is to be commended and respected. He is a very focused, no-nonsense, take action kind of leader. I like him.