Friday, June 25, 2010

9:00 P.M. Friday June 25th 2010 Presidential Tear Gas

“What the fuck is going on here Tim? We’re up here for what, for them to tell us what the hell to do? “It seems so, sir” the geeky Treasury Secretary said to the President. “I thought the plan was to spend? If we’re all on different tracks how the hell are we going to pull all of this together? I’m confused. My domestic policy is set up to dovetail with the European model, now these wackos are changing the ground rules. I’m starting to look like a first class fool Tim.” Deep down, Tim thought, you’re starting huh? He wondered where the Presidents brain has been the past 6 months.
“What’s that smell Tim?” “Yes, I smell it, sir.” One of the Secret Service men after hearing that, jumped into the conversation which was not tolerated, but since it could be considered a security matter, he mentioned that it was tear gas that was used on the thousands of demonstrators that had gathered in the nearby town of Huntsville. The President thought to himself, it was our people that were always tear gassed. Now it’s the other guys getting the gas, he chuckled to himself, if they only knew what was really going on.
Rahm was back in D.C. walking the CIA tightrope, finding out more information about the sabotage of the BP Deepwater Horizon platform. He was instructed to meet with an unnamed member of a field unit investigating the sinking in a vacant parking lot just outside of town, but ironically close to Langley. His identifying codename was Stripper, which made Rahm wonder why these guys always came up with X-rated names.
Stripper was punctual for the meeting. They both rolled down their driver’s side windows and began. “Listen Rahm,” he said in a familiar manner, “the agency is investigating the President, that’s why you’re not getting briefed on this.” That explains why Panetta wouldn’t reveal anything at his lunch with the President, Rahm thought. Shit, shit, shit he went on to himself. These guys are going to fuck us big-time. “OK, now what” Rahm said to Stripper? “Now what, what?” he shot back at Rahm. “Are you kidding, Rahm? From what I’ve seen the connection between Soros and Ahmadinejad is a done deal and the Chavez connection is a given, since they used a small seaside town in Venezuela as a staging point for the attack. The problem for your boss is what Panetta is going to do with the information. Panetta is getting big pressure from the board”, which is the term used for the guys that act as the moral backbone for the Agency. Shit, shit Rahm kept thinking. I got those fuckers in Chicago after my ass and now this, Christ this is turning into one big ass nightmare. Rahm drove off in a haze thinking what now, what now?
The President started sneezing as the tear gas smell got stronger. He quickly ran inside looking for a handkerchief. “Tim do you have one.” Tim handed him his. As the President pressed the handkerchief to his nose he could feel the crusty nasty pieces of Tim’s rag against his skin. What the fuck, the President said to himself as the 511th day of the Obama Presidency dripped on.

Special Note:This is a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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