Wednesday, June 23, 2010

7:44 P.M. Wednesday June 23rd 2010 The Oily Truth

The President’s day went on and on like an endless Wimbledon match. Earlier in the day he quickly dismissed General McChrystal, his commander of the Afghani war and surprisingly replaced him with General Petraeus. The General was visibly taken aback by his new assignment. Obama knew by replacing McChrystal with Petraeus he would be killing two birds with one stone. Petraeus, Obama’s arch political rival for the 2012 Presidential election was getting to close for comfort and by assigning him to the front, maybe just maybe an IED would eliminate his foe. He knew by using the overblown charge against McChrystal he would create disruption and confusion within our ranks at the front and would further his goal for losing. He knew with more body bags coming back and additional lost battles the American people will be begging him to withdraw. That would discredit Petraeus with a lost war under his belt and could dismantle his run for President.
Furthermore, sadly, General McChrystal missed the movie “Almost Famous” where the movie producer Cameron Crowe, in his youth was assigned to a rock group by Rolling Stone Magazine, the very same magazine that took down the General. Crowe subsequently destroyed the rock group with his article. So, anyone who saw the movie would have known, you never let a Rolling Stone writer live with you for months unless you’re just plain crazy.
With all that behind him and the Petraeus confirmation on a fast track the President met with his Chief of Staff. The big thing that was missed in yesterdays overturning of the offshore drilling freeze was that there was no proof of why and how the platform exploded. That was the mystery of the century which everyone has been missing and they were missing it because forces in the state-controlled-media were working overtime to make sure it stayed off the Internet and out of the papers.
Rahm motioned to the President to sit on a small bench in the Rose Garden. He sat next to him, so close any passerby would have thought they were gay. The President knew that if anyone knew of the content of this conversation his Presidency would be over, so the whispers began. Rahm led off with “the CIA got the videos from BP, the hard way, they broke in.” “Oh Jesus” replied the President.”What was on them” his voice quivered? “It’s bad sir, real bad. From what I’ve been told, it was a foreign special operations attack two weeks prior to the explosions.” “Who, Rahm, who?” Rahm took a breath knowing what he was about to say could start a war. “Iranian Revolutionary Guard insignias were detected with close-ups while they placed explosives on the line and platform supports.” “It looks like Soros has stepped over the line and he’ll destroy us if this gets out.” The conversation went on for another 40 minutes with another update promised in a few days. The President knew that if the CIA connected the dots between Soros and the IRG, treason would be just one of many charges brought against him as day 509 of the Obama Presidency oozed on.
Special Note:
This is a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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