Sunday, June 6, 2010

Has The World Been Turned Into One Big Ass Ponzi Scheme?

Over the past few years have you been getting the feeling you’re the bottom man on a towering totem pole and every time you look up another massive dump lands on your face? Well get in line because most of America is starting to feel the nasty gooey substance on a daily basis.
As America watched the arrests of master Ponzi schemers Bernard L. Madoff, R. Allen Stanford, Marc Dreier and scores more that have not been so public, many wonder how many got away with the loot and why was it so easy?
But what really gets more people these days is how high these Ponzi schemes go. OK we all know about the broker/money manager down the street pulling off a mini Ponzi scheme right, but now we’re all looking at our own city, county, state and federal governments as the next Madoff-Stanford-Dreier schemes. Unfortunately it seems to go even beyond the federal level to places like the European Union and all other regions of the world. Everybody seems to have been caught with their pants down this time and its scaring the hell out of regulatory agencies like the Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund. These agencies are now in control of literally everything financial right down to your local city governments. After all most U.S. states are broke, meaning that most cities and counties are also and for a city to get money to pay its bills they look to the state and the state looks to the federal government and the federal government looks to the federal reserve to print more money so everything stays afloat. But, what about you and me, good question huh?
How is it that when the government gets caught spending way beyond their means they just print more money but when it happens to you and I, we lose everything.
Why is it that we peons are held to a higher standard than the governments that run our country? Would you think of bouncing checks all over town, of course not? First of all we’d go to jail if we did but when our government does it, they just print more money.
Are you just a little bit pissed off every month when you have to spend your last penny on bills to just survive as you see the local and world economies going all to hell and you know deep in your heart that it’s going to get much worse? Are you starting to wonder what the hell this is all about?
Well, let me give you my take on it. Its one big gigantic Ponzi scheme, all of it and all that are a party to it should be in jail just as Mr.’s Madoff, Standord and Dreir. This would also include all members of congress and the President himself along with most state legislators. They all know what they’ve done. They can lie about it all day long but we know. We’ve been listening to their lies for years and now it’s time to pay the piper.
Come November most career politicians will be voted out, but it’s my belief that this outrage is just the beginning of a massive purge that will not end until many elected officials are put in jail for their corrupting behavior and dereliction of duty to the people of America.

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