Saturday, June 5, 2010

The European Union Whose Time Has Come and Gone

Over the past 60 years Europe has galvanized four treaties into a united Europe consisting of 27 member states of which all but one (half of the island of Cyprus) are non-Muslim countries. The Euro, its currency is now on the decline due to excessive unionization, government spending and failed socialist economic policies. Many member states such as Greece and Hungary currently are facing default with four others on the brink and we’re not talking small countries (Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal). With rumors that France and England could also eventually default the fate of the EU is obvious.
It’s hard to talk about the status and future of the EU without mentioning the influence of Islam on the continent. It’s no surprise to anyone of the aggressiveness of Islam around the world and its attempts to convert every nation to its traditions, laws and religious beliefs. Many of the larger European countries such as Great Britain, France and Germany are now feeling this pressure as Middle Eastern immigrants push for Sharia law in their adopted homeland. For hundreds of years European countries prided themselves on nationalistic pride and identity. Now with lax immigration laws and the influx of member and nonmember immigration, legal and illegal, these once proud countries are quickly losing their national identity and it’s not going down well with the so called “Patriots” of each country.
Economically the EU was a good idea until radical Islam went on the march. With Turkey a Muslim state now attempting to enter into the EU many European Christian groups are terrified that it would open the floodgates letting millions of Muslims into the predominately Christian majority countries. Denying them entrance would show obvious discrimination against Muslims, thus the conundrum of the EU.
Turkey has been in the headlines recently for many anti-Christian actions towards residents and the killing of a Catholic Bishop in the southern part of the country. It’s no secret that Turkish politicians have swayed toward the dark side of Islam and are now poised to swing full throttle into radicalism while Europe looks on with amazement.
With the ever softening of the Euro against world currencies these countries are on the brink of something they never counted on, destruction of their economies, destruction of their civil order, destruction of their identities and destruction of their national pride.
The slow methodical breakup of the EU and the reestablishment of local currencies coupled with tighter immigration laws and enforcement could save the once beautiful countries of Europe. The now tarnished jewels of Europe have one last chance if they recognize their dilemma, do the right thing and leave Turkey to Islam and the rest of the radical and uncivilized East.
To summarize and bring some relevance to this discussion, I’ve mentioned several words that may sound familiar to Americans, such as illegal immigration, excessive unionization, excessive government spending, radical Muslim, loss of national identity and pride. Now, ask yourself why would any red blooded American follow a leader that would lead them on this same failed path as the EU?

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Anonymous said...

Seriously!! You know actually nothing about European politics!! The EU is quite safe as it is! I live in England.
1. We are not feeling any pressure for a move to sharia law. That statement is absolutely ridiculous, and to put it simply, YOU JUST MADE IT UP.
2. I can't really talk for the rest of Europe, but in the UK religion is a none issue in politics. When deciding and debating on laws in the House of Commons, any argument about god has not been used in decades.
3. In Europe, we don't have this strange hatred for islam that you guys do.
4. There is no methodical breakup of the EU, especially with it just recently receiving more powers.
5. I am willing to bet my house that no country which currently uses the Euro currency will move back to its old currency.