Sunday, December 13, 2009

MoveOn Could Be MovingOn

Below you will find the latest SOS email, sent out to all members of MoveOn. It’s a letter from Robert Reich, the passed over economist who served in the Clinton Administration as Treasure Secretary. It seems as though Obama has no real need for him so you now can see him regularly on CNBC spouting is loser economic theories. He’s from Berkeley and teaches classes there, since he can’t find a real job.
Needless to say this letter is implying that the revised Health Care Bill by the Senate is without a government option which he thinks is a “gift to Big Insurance.”
MoveOn and Reich are furious over this new development and are attempting to rally the troops to show the world how wrong this is.
It’s interesting to note that almost 80% of Americans want to keep their health insurance, so I wouldn't expect to many street demonstrations.
The reason for this article is to assure all of you out there, that whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it, because it seems to be working and the opposition is running scared.
MoveOn is supported by Obama and George Soros and they will not stop till a Government Option is in this bill. So, keep the pressure on and if you can double your efforts, please do so. This is a fresh email that was just sent to me from one of my operatives so please pass it on to other conservative bloggers.

Dear MoveOn member,

Hi. I'm Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton and
currently a professor at the University of California.

You've probably heard about a possible "deal" in the Senate to do away with the
public option.

I'm here to tell you that this is no deal: it's a gift to Big Insurance, plain
and simple.

The details are sketchy. The only thing that's really clear is the deal would
drop the public option from the bill. With no public option, there's no
guarantee of real competition. And without real competition, health care costs
will continue to be out of control.

But the deal is far from done. If voters generate a massive outcry around this
and progressive leaders in Congress fight back, we can fix it.

Can you sign a petition to leaders in Congress and the White House right

Click here to add your name.

The petition says: "You must make sure health care reform includes a real public
option—it's what the majority of Americans want. Anything less is a gift to Big

With no public option, the Senate "deal" is a giveaway to Big Insurance—and
industry insiders admit it! One recently wrote "We WIN," in an email about the

What's in this "deal"? Like I said, almost no one knows the details. That means
that progressives who embrace it right now may be giving away the store without
getting anything in return.

But here's what we do know: First, it might allow some 55-64 year-olds to buy
into Medicare. Second, it might allow those without employer health insurance to
buy private insurance the way federal employees do.2

So what's the problem here? A system of only private insurers simply will not
control costs. Without competition from a public option, insurance companies
have no incentive to compete—just like now.3

Enlarging Medicare is no answer. The Senate bill slows Medicare's costs only if
they're rising faster than total health spending. But with private insurers
running the show, total health spending will still be out of control.4 Plus, we
have no idea how many people might be allowed to buy into Medicare, or if it
will be even close to affordable for them.

Health care reform must include a strong public option. It's key to controlling
costs, expanding coverage, and forcing Big Insurance to compete. Without it,
we'll end up with a national health care system controlled by a handful of very
large corporations accountable neither to American voters nor to the market. And
that is not even close to real health care reform.

Please sign the petition to House and Senate leadership and the White House
today. The deal is still up in the air. If congressional progressives hold
strong—and public demand for a public option is clear—then White House and
congressional leaders will have to do what they haven't: put pressure on the few
conservative Democrats to get on board and help pass real health care reform
with a public option.

Click here to sign your name.
Thank you for all you do.

–Robert Reich


Anonymous said...

Author: James Lewis dedicates its main page today to honoring the 150th birthday of L.L. Zamenhof, founder of Esperanto, with an Esperanto flag icon:
The leading exponent today of Esperanto is George Soros, carrying on the work of his father, Tivadar Soros. The elder Soros founded an Esperanto language literary magazine, and changed the family name from Schwartz (Ŝvarc in Hungarian) to Soros, an Esperanto name. Esperanto is a utopian invention, intended to usher in an era of world government.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Thanks for alerting us about this. This tells us which side Eric Schmidt is on.
This is scary!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to BOYCOTT GOOGLE. Start using Bing.