Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cop Killer of 4 was a Black Muslim Terrorist !

MAURICE CLEMMONS killer of 4 cops in the state of Washington is a Black Muslim.
In the wake of the four murders the Nation of Islam has honored Clemmons in the State of Washington for his "actions"
"The Last Crusade" reported on 12/1/09 that The SEATTLE BLACKFOOT SOLDIERS, a Muslim Organization, led by Alfred "Issaquah" Shafford held a rally in honor of their 'hero' for 'doing his part' in bringing down the 'white terror racist police regime' in assassinating four law enforcement officers last week in the coffee shop on Steele street in Parkland, Washington.
Was this a terrorist act? You bet it was and it looks like a copy cat of the Ft. Hood attack.
According to sources Clemmons converted to Islam while in prison in Arkansas. This Blackfoot Soldier group seems to be a black restitution group with the saying "When whites pay reparations there will be no more black on white crime."
America get ready for more of these attacks.
Have you heard any of this in the main stream media, of course not. They are working for President Obama who wants to hide any Muslim terror attacks from the people. This is a religious war that is being waged on all of us and we are in danger as long as the Obama Administration ignores it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. You spun a nice story, but apparently, you don't know who freed him up from prison?

The Republican Mike Huckabee! I am sure you don't want to tell about republicans who befriend "Muslims".

And your evidence that he's a Muslim?

You're in a trap, please start looking at media outside of FoxNews, and preferably read international news with an open mind, or you'll hurt America by voting for wrong guys!

Unknown said...

Huckabee's political career is over. No way he can overcome this. It would continually come back to haunt him. I can just see the opponent’s commercials. BTW this story is also being reported at Gateway Pundit, American Thinker and many other internet sites. While the main stream media may ignore it, the truth can still get out on the internet (for now).

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Thanks Tina for the comment. Yes this will hurt Huck but I still don't think Huck will be a contender in 2012. The people will what blood after 4 years of this IDIOT. The Eagle will run and win.

Unknown said...

Once again, thanks for bringing us news. I read about this here first!

Anonymous said...

Question......whose the Eagle?

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Read this to find out who the Eagle is.

Chris said...

Here in Denver, Colorado, we had bands of young black men from two gangs (supposedly) jumping and robbing white victims. The whole thing was downplayed and the politicians said they never issued a warning because, "we didn't want to hurt the investigation." I wonder if these kids truly were just hoolagans, as the media have portrayed them.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Your going to have to connect the dots. We can't rely on the media anymore. This is the way it was in Russia. You had to find out everything yourself. Don't trust anyone anymore. Just yourself.

site said...

For my part everyone ought to glance at it.