Monday, January 11, 2010

It’s Time to Bring Back “You People”

It seems that the American People have just about had it with the contrived leftist power technique of “Political Correctness.” Yes, power technique, the technique of changing a simple word and meaning to another and over and over again. Example, the word used to describe people from the African Continent. We first used the name “colored people” than to “negro” and on to “black” and now “African-American.” It’s funny, I specifically remember in the 60’s when my black friends in college insisted that I call them black instead of colored. That was fine with me, it made sense and it seemed they were happy about the new name. Then came the very political name in the 1980’s “African-American.” Now, that name was purposely issued direct from the Democrat National Committee to manipulate the majority of whites in America. It irritated many in America that the black population needed to change their name again. Many just came to the conclusion that the black population in America had an identity crisis. But the real reason was to have more ammunition and issues to attack the majority white population, who usually voted Republican. It’s simply manipulation and power control over a majority for which they cannot gain control in other ways. Anyone who didn't conform was labeled racist, thus the political overtones and manipulation.
Ross Perot found that out in his attempt at the Presidency when he made an off handed comment referring to a group of black voters as “You People.” Boy, you would have thought he used the “N” word.
Now, we have the Muslim population taking up the correctness cause in its attempt to terrorize America. One could semis that political correctness is a threat to our National Security and should be looked upon as just that.
Political correctness in America is now being played out on the national stage between Harry Reid and President Obama. Harry, a leftist Senator is now being attacked by the Right for his insensitive comments about the Presidents color and mannerisms. In contrast from the left we only hear silence and forgiving. Like Ive been saying this is all about politics not sensitivity. So, let’s get off the hurtful, racist and inappropriate references used by these victims of political correctness.
It’s time to discard this divisive technique which only splits America more. It’s time to toughen up America and take these little hits on the chin and move on with a happier life. Festering in old grudges and politically manipulative techniques only hurts America and feeds the coffers of both Political parties.
So, maybe it’s time to bring back “You People” in more ways than one.


Anonymous said...

"A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee," Clinton told Kennedy, according to the book -- a comment that angered Kennedy, who later endorsed Obama.

Anonymous said...

Blacks also call whites names:

White Honkie

Is that racist?

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from an article written by Lee A. Daniels:

"This extreme sensitivity is not a sign of weakness, as some say. Nor is it inconsequential. On the contrary, in group terms it is a sign of strength. It reflects black Americans’ determination to fight for their very right to exist. Blacks know from their own long experience that you must control the names by which you as an individual or your people are called if you are to have any control over your right to exist."

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

The quote makes it sound so noble but unfortunately it’s not. Its political, just look at every angry disenfranchised minority that now makes up the democrat party. From gays to pro abortionist, atheists and let’s not forget the most sensitive of sensitive groups, the liberal Jews. All of these people utilize this political technique to fire up its base to defeat the majority which will except them but will not be controlled by them. Sorry, your quote and the writers premise is incorrect.