Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Haitian Solution ?

I have no idea of the cultural differences between Haiti and the Dominican Republic but I do know that having two countries on a small island makes no sense. With over 100,000 dead and millions homeless and injured from this terrible earthquake, I think it’s time to unite this Caribbean Island. Let the Dominican Republic take control of Haiti. Haiti would be no more. The word and country that is called Haiti would be discarded onto the trash heap of hell holes. Haiti has been a bottomless pit for the United Nations and other humanitarian groups and governments for decades.
So, let’s give Haiti to the Dominican Republic and give the DR the zillions of dollars needed to meld the countries. Similar to East and West Germany, it can be done of course, with money, lots of money. Yes, it will be a nightmare at first but will eventually wipe out the massive poverty that has created corruption and harm to the citizens of this half island.
This action would take the heat off the U.S. and other countries to rebuild Haiti. All they would have to do is write a check to the DM and let them do the work.
If the DM were smart, they’d bulldoze the entire west end of the island and turn it into a huge resort destination and provide needed jobs for these destitute millions.
The people of Haiti need good ideas to save them and to provide a decent future. So, let’s talk about it. What’s your idea in solving this gigantic human disaster? Maybe, just maybe, someone with the power to change this misery for millions of people will see your idea and make it happen. Let’s hope! Please, feel free to leave a comment.


Unknown said...

Why not make Haiti (& the DR if they want to) a protectorate of the US like Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. Put a moratorium on taxes for builders/companies for 5-10 years and watch the hotels, etc. grow. Haiti/DR could become the Cuba of the 40s. It would cost us to absorb, but it costs us a bucket load as it stands now. Just a thought…

Dave Copley said...

Tina, I like your idea. New construction would thereby be substantial enough to withstand tragic events like the quake.

John Hampton said...

I've actually thought about both yours and Tina's ideas over the past few days. I believe that now is the time to consider such ideas.

Anonymous said...

I commend you all for thinking outside of the box and trying to come up with SOME kind of creative solution. Lord knows Haiti needs one (or many). And not to rain on the parade... but the DR and Haiti are VERY different cultures. There is a lot of resentment, mistrust & outright dislike btwn the countries. Furthermore, the DR at least would not look kindly on the US challenging its sovereignty, telling it what to do.