Saturday, September 5, 2009

Van Jones is History

Today Van Jones the un-vetted czar of the new green jobs initiative has resigned under great pressure from the President - No - the congress - No - the democratic party - No - the republican party - No. Who pressured him to resign ? Van Jones resigned because of the "people".

As the people expose each and every one of President Obama's czar's and Secretaries with the use of the Internet, twitter and computers the eventual vetting process of the President himself will finally be accomplished. Something the mainstream media failed to do last year during the election.

So, the President should get ready, his day is coming. As we have found in the computer/Internet age everything happens fast, maybe not fast enough in this case, but eventually it will happen and he too will be gone.

I have learned from my sources that Mark Lloyd is next on the hit list. I give him about two week before he's cleaning out his desk too.

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