Saturday, September 19, 2009

CIA To Obama - Back Off or Else !

In an unprecedented move by 7 past Central Intelligence Agency chiefs. The message was load and clear " back off or else ".
The former chiefs where discreet enough to release this unified message on a Friday afternoon so as not to get to much of a headline. But, it was hard not to recognize the forceful tone and the importance of this letter to the Obama administration.
The current administration is no friend to either the CIA or the US Military.
We should all know and understand the power centers in Washington. Two of which are the Military and the Federal Reserve. They override any public election. In other words no matter who is in office these two power centers will march to a different drummer. Thus, the retaining of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke.
This American tradition is what drives the " regressive left " crazy. The " regressive left " continues to attack our own defense agencies as though they where the enemy. Don't think the enemies of our country haven't been watching !
This is the fear that is going through the agencies. That an attack could happen now during this very confusing time for our country.
The United States is probably at its most vulnerable point since the days after the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan when our defense in the Pacific was nonexistent.
This show of force by the U.S. Military / CIA is nullifying the use of the Chaney / CIA interrogation investigation by the Attorney Generals office as a hostage for the real investigation in Washington of ACORN.
All in Washington know that the money leads to the intercity democrats in congress, both the house and the senate !
As each State and Federal agency investigates this criminal non-profit organization, people will talk to save their hide. You can rest assure that politicians both state and federal will be looking for a hole to crawl into. The speed at which congress pulled their funding proved that. They are so busted ! YOU BETCHA !

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