Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't File Your Tax Return, Go To Jail - Obama !

Today as part of the Obama Health Care TV Marathon, George Stephanopoulos cornered the sputtering President on his Sunday talk show " This Week With George S ".
George explained to the bewildered President that when you force people to pay for health care it is a tax. He went on to read Webster's definition of the word "tax".
Of course the President blew him off like he was some idiot reporter who just got out of college.

George is no idiot reporter and the President should remember who George is and his past
involvement in the successful election of Bill Clinton.
George is good and today's question opened a window on the Presidents health care plan that he may not be able to shut.
If the $ 3,500 fine for not having health insurance is a tax on all taxpayers over the age of 18 doesn't that make the President a liar?
I thought he told America that he would lower taxes on 95% of us. I did hear that, right ?
Let's not forget that all of this will be reported on your annual income tax return that will have to be filed every year or its a felony. FELONY ! That's right a felony if you don't file. It is a misdemeanor now but when this bill passes it will be a felony not to file your tax return with possible jail sentence.
Welcome to the world of Obama. I wonder how all of the young enthusiastic voters that voted for him like him now? Sorry, twenty somethings, you cant buy that new Iphone or that bag of pot because you have to pay your taxes, oops, sorry, you have to pay your health insurance or go to jail.
Now aren't you glad you voted for this guy?

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