Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Worry at Least We'll Have National Health Care to Drain Our Radiation Tumors

As the nations thoughts are only on how to stop Obama and his leftist thugs from socializing and spending us into oblivion, the evil world is working over time to take us down.
This Obama distraction for the American people is obvious to the outside world and they are taking advantage of the distraction.
I think what raddled me most today, more than the ridiculous speech given to Wall Street by the worst friend to capitalism ever by Barak Obama, was the announcement by Hugo Chavez of his $ 2.2 billion arms deal with Russia. This deal includes lots of missiles to destroy Columbia and the start of a nuclear program that of course will lead to a bomb that will threaten the entire region.
As Obama experiments with our economic system and reprimands Wall Street of its excesses, Chavez has plans to make a bomb and float it into New York Harbor as our grand finale. But its OK at least we'll all have a national health care card to get our radiation tumors drained.
North Korea is planning another nuke blast and more missile tests to shake up the Japanese some more. Iran is, oh hell, you know what I'm getting at, this whole world is starting to become a free for all by the bad guys. They know with Obama as President they can do what they want.
I know the left wont like this but you have to admit, this kind of crap didn't happen when Bush was on watch.
Even Al-Qaeda took today to release a message to the world that they are still around and that they watch CNN.
One special note in their message that I found completely amazing was that they have observed that the American government is controlled by Jews. No, say it isn't so, Osama. He must be reading my blog too.

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