Monday, September 7, 2009

Hollywood - What Are We Going to do With You ?

The American people should be watching now that the cat is out of the bag. What cat, what bag you ask ?
For years the Hollywood left have hidden their true colors, well lets just say they haven't been as obvious. Since the election of the Socialist President Barack Obama things are changing very quickly in Tinseltown.
Ever since this historic election of a black man to the highest office in the land the suspected socialists in Hollywood are now popping they're heads out of fox holes they've been forced to live in for the past 8 years.
If you didn't notice Dictator Hugo Chavez attended the Venice film festival last night with a photo op with Oliver Stone as kissing cousins. Stone has been a known lefty for years but this promo of his new film about Dictator Chavez is about as un american as you can get.
Than this morning with my breakfast I got to wash it all down with a little comment from the fat ass Michael Moore, film maker of some sort telling America that capitalism needs to be outlawed in our country.
Interesting, I wonder where he made all of his millions, communist China ?
Who are these people to reap the benefit's of capitalism and turn around and criticize it in the same breath? Maybe they really don't understand socialism. Maybe they think its some sort of new fad that could never ever put them on the wrong end of a firing squad. Maybe they should watch some of the older movies made in Hollywood prior to the cold war with the communists.
Hollywood and Broadway have always had an anger towards the right in America after the McCarthy hearings rightfully exposing communists / socialists in American media.
I think the American people should get ready for a barrage of movies condemning the society and economic system that has made us the greatest society that has ever been.
More and more actors are repelled by the Christian religion. The religion that they have been brought up with as children. Brad Pitt just recently denounced Christianity on the known atheist Bill Mahr's TV show.
One thing Ive found interesting is that the Jews in Hollywood aren't renouncing Judaism. Interesting , hum. I wonder what that's all about ?
Anyway, let's all just remember, the $10 you spend next time for that great Hollywood extravaganza just may end up in the back pocket of some terrorist or tin horn dictator from South America.
But, what is more important about this very obvious trend is the indoctrination of your children and the unsuspected American people who just want to unwind at the movies after a hard week at work.
The American people must now be on guard for what TV news channel they are watching to the movies they see. Whats this country coming too? I think not a good place unless we can all stop it NOW.


lady di said...

You have a choice people. I am not sending my money to Hollywood to support those who do not support me and call me a mob member.
Stay home and watch the history channel or read a book.....

Nicholas Contompasis said...

I agree.