Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Card Check Could be Off the Table in Todays Speech

In Pittsburgh today President Obama addressed a convention of the AFL - CIO. It was like watching Stalin addressing the members of the communist party. He was in his element.
If you want to see what Obama is all about just watch him in this environment of profit sucking unions that could care less about a companies making a profit and protecting investors investments a la GM/Chrysler.

He actually kept touting his tax cut to the middle class which I thought was off the table or at least something that wouldn't be prudent to mention at this time.

As he mentioned Senator Arlen Spector in this Pennsylvania town he almost received no applause. Interesting !
To be honest with you the speech was strong but the face of this embattled president looked haggard with almost a hungover look to it.
His style seems to be still stuck on the southern Baptist preacher. I guess he still thinks he's one step from God.
All in all today's performance was just another Obama bucket of lies and misinformation.
But, the comrades loved it as they kept sipping the Cool Aid.

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