Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. President - "Lead or Get Out of the Way "

We are in the 8th month of the Obama Administration. It might be a good time to look back over the long and trying months of this administration, to see just what the country received for the most expensive presidential race in history.

We start off with Mr. Obama alienating just about every ally we have, from showing the British Royal family disrespect to distancing the U.S. from the only true ally we have in the middle east, Israel.

He has given a global signal of surrender to all of our enemies that the U.S. isn't going to defend itself anymore and that our long standing foreign policy has been incorrect and illegal.

Obama now wants out of Afghanistan. I'm sure that wont go over very well with the Generals.

He has sowed the seeds for a trade war with China that will do nothing but hurt our economy and give a minimal amount of jobs to his union friends.

He is in the processes of reducing the footprint of America around the world and may ultimately destroy everything this country has created.
He has purposely divided the people of our country more than any other individual in American history.
Around the country we hear of potential violence and civil war if he continues his plan to socialize our country.
You see Mr. Obama is a " minimalist ".

If your not familiar with the term it means "a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals or who holds minimal expectations for the success of a program".

Obamas vision of our country is of "minimal expectations ".

Is that what Ronald Reagan felt for our country ? Don't think so ! What a switch.
You see Obama is only comfortable indoctrinating our defenseless school children, expanding our government far beyond any ability to pay for it and dividing America so to take more control of the populous.

His shadow government of Czars do all the dirty work while he keeps campaigning for the next election trying not to soil his reputation.

We unfortunately have not elected a leader, a visionary nor an American.

Ask yourself, what American would look at our great country with all of its achievements and potential and have no expectations for its future.

I for one feel cheated by this man's lack of vision.

He has a vision but its not the vision Americans have seen before. Its the vision of failure. America very rarely fails and we don't take to it. Especially when it comes from our President.

Mr. Obama may have failure in breded in him but America doesn't. It will not stand for a president that will lead us down a rat hole, while the rest of the world moves ahead.

America is the past, present and future for the world with or without out you Mr. Obama.

Like you once said " Lead or get out of the way " , so which is it ?


Anonymous said...

Holy incorrectness, Batman.

Obama's spent 8 months getting us back in touch with the allies we lost over the last 8 years. Don't know where you got 'alienation' from.

Are you talking about the DVD incident with the British Royal Family? It's a leap to call that disrespect.

Israel has needed to be taken down a notch for years. They've got a history of unilateral violence in that region that we've implicitly and inexplicably supported, and that link makes diplomacy with hostile Arab nations thousands of times more difficult.

Footprint in the world? America is not imperialist Britain. We're not in the business of empire-building (though some of our leaders have thought otherwise). We're a member of the global community, not its dictator.

Threats of violence are coming from the fringes. Nobody with a brain is talking about civil war.

In America, we socialize some of our services. That's how we do things here. Ask any police officer or member of the military. And that's not even what's happening with healthcare right now. We're thinking about offering care-motivated health insurance to compete with the profit-motivated companies who are (not) providing us with healthcare right now. The only motivation for private companies to reform is market pressure, and we're going to use that tool.

Indoctrinating children? You didn't read the speech, you're just repeating inaccurate headlines. Indoctrination is telling people what philosophy they should buy into, like when we force our children to swear their allegiance to the stars & stripes every morning. That's indoctrination.

Obama's as much an American as (presumably) you are. Put it to bed.

I can't figure out what vision you think Obama has for the nation, but it doesn't jive with his constant (constant!) message of hope. We've made some huge mistakes since 2001, and he wants to make amends.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Thank you for your comments from the left which is the typical rhetoric we hear from that direction. But I do appreciate you taking the time to comment illustrating that I run a " Fair and Balanced " Blog.

2-Blue-Star-Mom said...

Anonymous drank the kool aid. shame. hope they never find out how close we came to losing our country..but then again, "we the people" like our country. libs want to destroy it like "their one"

We need to impeach this maniac and his corrupt WH!

Daniel said...

Obama has spent 8+ months apologizing for America and pathologically sending us down a path of imminent destruction. Not to mention his team of Communists http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/10/ship_of_fools_obamas_intimates.html

Undeniable. To defend this administration is to defend Communism itself.

Here's Obama working hard for the American people, attempting to dismantle the 1st Amendment

Too bad that Anonymous thinks it's appropriate to have a communist gov't in charge of every facet of life and do away with liberty. It is far beyond me how anybody can lack the common sense and reason to actually fall for the lies, treachery, and betrayal of this administration sir/ma'am. Do you not see what's really going on here? If not, review the above links until it sinks in. Thanks.