Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Does NBC, CBS AND ABC really think America is ignoring the ACORN scandal ? ACORN, a once $ 8.5 billion recipient of stimulus money has as of last night lost almost all of its government funding. That would be like a major bank such as Bank of America losing its government money and closing its doors.

Nevertheless, the three majors wont report this story. More and more the people in America are recognizing that these networks will not report the news that is important to them. Once this trust is gone they are finished as a news source.

Thirty years ago the three major car makers lost the American people by producing cars that just didn't work. They lost the trust of the American people just as the three major networks are doing now.

As the three major car makers know, once you lose the trust of the American people they don't trust you anymore and wont come back.

If they had a revelation and came back into the fold of good news reporting they could save themselves, but will they ? Time will tell, but as each day passes more and more people migrate to the cable news networks from the floundering once Big 3.

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