Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't Ignore These Two Stories, They're Much Bigger Than You Think

Today's announcement by the Department of the Treasury ( IRS ) of an investigation at ACORN is a big deal on all fronts.
At this point the attack on ACORN is two pronged, the IRS and the law suit brought by ACORN, against the film makers who exposed the many frauds of this non-profit organization.
Both activities have the potential of taking down most liberal inter-city democrats in congress. Over the many years of ACORN's embattled existence they have become sloppy with their financial dealings. That ultimately will expose the money trails leading directly to congressional democrats. Thus the amazingly swift distancing by every elected official from democrat lead districts.
As a side story there is a message floating around on the Internet via Twitter stating " deep throat says "FOLLOW THE ACORN MONEY AND THE FALSE GOD WILL CRUMBLE" .
Hum, "FALSE GOD" do they mean President Obama?
You can be sure that the federal investigators and disclosure attorneys from both activities will take down the many pawns in this high stakes chess game. One by one, as the underlings name names and disclose what was done, you will see many on Capital Hill and most likely the White House run for cover screaming, Deal, Deal !
You can be sure that by 2010 there will be plenty of dirt out there on many of these intercity democrats that could force them to either resign or forfeit an election.
This will take time but it will be like a Chinese water torture drip, drip, dripping away at some of the most corrupt congressmen and women that have ever taken seats on Capital Hill.
Deep Throat just may be on to something, again !


Tamara said...

not if the IRS is a BO lover! I see nothing actually coming out other than hot air!

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Trust me on this one, the ACORN thing is way to big for any agency to ignore.
From what I'm hearing many rats are already supply information to the feds.
This will be the biggest political scandle in years.