Friday, September 11, 2009

Hannah Giles American Hero - Takes ACORN Down Single Handed

In the old and dirty back east city of Baltimore, the hometown of Nancy Pelosi, a brave young women of 20 years took down one of the most powerful and influential organizations in America.
Destine to receive $ 8.5 billion for the US census and home lending, ACORN, a not for profit organization used by liberal democrats to register voters and get mortgages for low income individuals, blew it big time this week on national TV.
The courage of Hannah Giles and her young partner James O'Keefe is commendable.
She should be looked at as an angel for liberty.
After watching her on TV I don't think she realizes what she has done or the impact this act will have on America.
Today, Friday September 11, 2009 Hannah Giles turned the tide in an evil cancer that has been spreading into our electoral system. The fraudulent registration of people who vote many times for money and drugs has been growing more and more every year.
The integrity of elections for any Democracy is imperative. Signs of corruption could cause anything from law suits to a civil war.
ACORN on the verge of getting $ 8.5 billion from the stimulus package to do the US census and more mortgages was stopped this afternoon by the Federal Government from doing the US census. We are hoping that the government will pull the cord on their lending operation, also.
Since the announcement of the ACORN contract to do the US census the Republican party has lost many sleepless nights knowing that future elections could be lost due to bad numbers being supplied for determining congressional districts. It would have been one huge nightmare.
This sudden announcement by the Obama administration was a clear sign of surrender.
Yesterday, Fox News in a very subtle way said they would be releasing information from their own investigation of ACORN.
This attempt to distance itself from ACORN by the Obama administration was swift and done on a late Friday night, typical of a bad news release.
But as the dust settles in this mess, one person emerges as the hero and defender of democracy,
Hannah Giles a willowy college student disguised as a prostitute.


Anonymous said...

I will be praying for her! Job well done Hannah, Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hannah and James are heros and have save the US BILLIONS. I say we give them 10% and declare open season on Gov ABUSE. #REWARD