Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Conspiracy of the Obama Administration Part I

The word "Conspiracy" conjures up crazy theories of anything from a rappers death to the JFK assassination. Many people love to dive into these theories and wallow in the coincidences and half truths that seem to be all connected, proving something that may or may not be true.
I for one have never been a follower of this practice but have been more amazed by the reaction of people to their conclusions no matter how far fetched.
So, not to add more fuel to the fires of major conspiracy theories swirling around the world "I think there is a conspiracy in the world to tie it into a "New World Order".
Is this a Conspiracy or is it a Plan? For the past 20 years the conspiracy theorists have been promoting a "New World Order", words uttered by President George Bush in the early 90's.
That was it, when he spoke those very words the theorists went spinning and haven't stopped since.
You have only to look at today's world events to notice that we are moving closer to a "New World Order".
The G-8 is now the G-20 and will soon be a G-35 (that's the world money people). As that area becomes more united we will come closer to a one world currency.
With the current near economic melt down major economies have rushed faster towards this new order. They could be right that a global regulatory system should be set up to enforce future economic activities.
But, the outpouring of an expansion of this "Order" is being heard from around the globe.
The battle cry seems to be an equalization of all economies, customs and with an emphasis on tolerance of all religions, cultural backgrounds and economic stratus.
To be honest with you this is a big deal and takes a lot of time to wrap your brain around. But, as
I do I find that maybe this is simply a money grab by the have not's from the have's, meaning we in the U.S. giving what we have to the third world.
President Obama is on board for this shift. The idea of what's mine is mine will change to what's yours is mine to give to them the oppressed and down trodden.
Does this all sound familiar, "Socialism"
President Obama with his ties to George Soros and others like him from Europe and around the world are in a break neck process of devaluing your standard of living. Making it more equal to the rest of the worlds standards. This as we all know is much lower than where we are now.
He is hiding all of this under the guise of environmental protection and energy conservation. Don't be fooled by this. Its all part of a Plan to grab more control from the people so the country and its resource can be amalgamated into this " New World Order".
Obama and his friends are planning to make a boat load of money during this transition. George Soros has already walked away with billions on the Petrobras oil deal in Brazil.
I could go on more about the details of the ever expanding web that Obama is weaving in this massive endeavour but that would take more of your already valuable time.
The one thing that you must take away from this article is that, this Plan is not new. It's been tried in individual countries and has failed. It was called communism/socialism.
Underneath the health care bill lays a massive unconstitutional maze of violations of your privacy and civil rights and you must do anything and everything to stop this bill from every seeing the light of day as a law.
This bill will just bring us a step closer to a "New World Order" that we know won't work.

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