Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have You No Shame Mr. President !

Did you see that ? I did ! I know it was fast but it really did happen right in front of you and you missed it.

That's right today, President Obama lateraled off Afghanistan to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the new Secretary-General of Nato.

Obama, the true liberal that he is figured a way to wiggle his way out of this war. He now plans on blaming its failure on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. That's right Rasumssen is now the fall guy for the Afghan War along with NATO.

Obama figures, it ain't our war ( US ), its more a European war, so you guys should be fighting it. I thought Europe loved Obama, well they did until today. It looks like Mr. Obamas honeymoon is over with the ever increasingly Muslim, European nations.

Obama knows they can't win the war and he feels the war is not Politically Correct for the 2010 elections and his reelection in 2012. Remember, he is a politician first and could care less about the containment of radical Muslim extremists.

After all he knows that when Afghanistan is retaken by the enemy we will have another terrorist attack and he will use it to consolidate even more power with actions of martial law.

The cowardice actions of this President is beyond belief and threatens America more every day not to mention our troops on the ground of which he is abandoning.

Have you no shame Mr. President !

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