Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breaking News - Congressman Issa Has Enough on Obama to Impeach

By Nicholas Contompasis

I've been waiting for this information for months. Most on the Right have suspected foul play by the President and his operatives. Now, Congressman Issa Republican from California finally has the goods on our President and his illegal activities with taxpayer dollars.

Posted by Loretta A. Estrella, Moderator on June 16, 2011 at 8:11pm in Know Your Opposition
Congressman Darrell Issa has produced a shocking new report detailing the Obama administration’s extensive use of taxpayer-funded propaganda, which he says breaks federal law. The report created for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform details how the former Alinskyite community organizer has channeled the resources of the federal government — that is, your money — to create “a sophisticated propaganda and lobbying campaign” made up of “inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives.” The highlights include:
Using federal arts grants to spread Obama’s legislative message. Last August 10, administration officials held a conference call with National Endowment of the Arts grant recipients. Buffy Wicks, a college radical who worked in Valerie Jarrett‘s Office of Public Engagement, told the invitees,  “we’re going to come at you with some specific ‘asks’ here,” specifically supporting Obama’s initiatives on health care, the environment, or energy. She suggested, “We wanted folks to connect…with federal agencies, with labor unions, progressive groups, face groups [faith groups, perhaps?], women’s groups, you name it.”  Within 48 hours, no fewer than 21 arts organizations released a statement endorsing ObamaCare.
The Dept. of Health and Human Services paid MIT economist Jonathan Gruber nearly $400,000 for various jobs. He did not disclose his employment by HHS while writing a string of op-eds, nor while testifying before the Senate in favor of, ObamaCare.
The Justice Dept. hired Tracy Russo, the former blogger for John Edwards, to comment on internet articles or bulletin board messages that criticized Barack Obama and his agenda. She did this anonymously or used a pen name.
A Dept. of Education officer used the White House email to send his colleagues eight bullet points to “communicate the merits of the President’s proposal with your members and their audiences.”
The federal government “highly recommended” constructing highway signs that tout big government and advertise politicians (Watch the committee’s video on the subject here )
Obama attempted to enlist “voluntary” Hollywood propaganda for his proposals through the iParticipate campaign. Here
Andy Griffith starred in a Medicare “update” that doubled as a commercial for Obama’s health care legislation. Not only is the PSAl propaganda, it is erroneous. A writer with the nonpartisan remarked Griffith’s scripted “promise that ‘benefits will remain the same’ is just as fictional as the town of Mayberry.”
The White House routinely drove traffic to websites that lobby for Obama’s legislation.
You can read the full report here.
Issa cites three separate federal statutes violated by the Obama administration and has called for a Government Accountability Office (GAO) to launch an investigation. If violations of the law are found, impeachment could follow.
It’s not bad enough the president is a megalomaniac who skirts the law to foist his far-Left agenda on the American people — he also uses your money to do it.
Submitted by Git-R-Done 06/13/11, a great patriot.  Breitbart & Western Journalism


Anonymous said...

Just DO it! Don't talk about it, just get him and his crooked admin OUT of OUR HOUSE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just get the ball rolling and impeach him. He isn't even legally eligible to be the President. That in itself is enough to remove him from office!

Denzel Ball said...

His agenda has nothing to do with making America stronger or safer. He is all about control.. his control!

Anonymous said...

he NEEDS to go.

Amy said...

This is not new...Glenn Beck broke this info last year. As tough as Issa is, along with a number of his colleagues, I don't think they will attempt impeachment. Not the stomach for it nor would anything move past the Senate. Obama is the most egregious lawbreaker in our midst right now and we seem helpless to do anything about it.

tiggysmum70 said...

Heck w/ Impeachment, just charge the guy w/ TREASON and let the ball roll! That's far more justice than impeachment! The Senate will not impeach him. It won't happen w/ Reid there at the helm!

fedupjeff said...

Today when looking at everything Obama has done to undermine his oath, the rule of law, and the constitution since he took office, it becomes blatantly obvious his obsession/plan is to subvert America for communists, islamic supremacists, anti-semites, and America-haters. All for the radical destruction of America to transform her into an authoritarian nightmare. This is the Hope and Change friends and he would not be able to execute this insanity without his army of illegally appointed czars who bypass all constitutional checks and balances and answer only to Obama. His failed policies are by design to distract Americans and weaken America, to push the people as far away as possible from that traditional bond of American patriotism that knew no political bounds. The stage is set, it took decades to setup America and her citizen this way, and Obama uses that weakness to his advantage with the ultra-liberal Democrats who, for example, believe Muslims are simply another special interest group. Islam wants to see the end of western style democracy and the replacement of it with a theocracy. That is inconsistent with American patriotism and freedoms, but CONSISTENT with Obamas ACTIONS as president exposing his vision for America, not only since he entered office, but since the beginning of his political career.

Below is a list of Obamas strategically placed czars. By not removing Obama and the illegally placed czars and charging with high crimes/treason, Congress is ultimately responsible for the fiscal, cultural, judicial and political systems Obama and his minions/czars have severely damaged. Read the titles on the list below and its easy to understand how Obama has set up his illegal unconstitutional shadow government accountable to nobody, exactly how a King rules. And every day this shadow government is allowed to continue operating we are another day closer to the point of no return. Bottom line: America stands at the brink of destruction friends.

In this link is a speech from Rep. Mike Pence on the Constitution and the Presidency at Hillsdale College on from September 20, 2010. This speech exposes the exact attitude and mission statement we expect from every one of OUR representatives in Congress and the Senate. This speech represents specifically what we the people must demand from a United States president.

Obama Administration Czars as of April 22, 2011.

Afghanistan Czar:Marc Grossman.
Intelligence Czar:James R. Clapper
AIDS Czar:Jeffrey Crowley.
IP Enforcement Czar:Victoria A. Espinel
Asian Carp Czar:John Goss.
Oil Czar:Ray Mabus.
Border Czar:Alan Bersin:
Latin American Czar:Arturo Valenzuela.
California Water Czar:David J. Hayes
Manufacturing Czar:Ron Bloom:
Climate Czar:Todd Stern.
Medicare/Healthcare Czar:Donald M. Berwick
Consumer Czar:Elizabeth Warren.
Middle East Peace Czar:George Mitchell.
Cyberspace Czar:Howard Schmidt.
Mideast Policy/Central Region/Iran Czar:Philo Dibble.
Domestic Violence Czar:Lynn Rosenthal.
Native America Affairs Czar:Kimberley Teehee.
Drug Czar:Gil Kerlikowske.
Performance Czar:Jeffrey Zients.
Economic Czar Gene Sperling.
Regulatory Czar:Cass Sunstein.
Economic Czar:Jeffrey Immelt.
Safe Schools Czar:Kevin Jennings.
Electronic Health Records Czar:Dr. David Blumenthal
Science Czar:John Holdren.
Energy & Climate Change Czar:Carol Browner (resigned).
Stimulus Accountability Czar:Earl Devaney.
Faith-Based Czar:Joshua Dubois.
Sudan Czar:J. Scott Gration
FCC Diversity Czar:Mark Lloyd.
TARP Czar:Timothy Massad.
Food Safety Czar:Michael Taylor.
Technology Czar:Aneesh Chopra.
Great Lakes Czar:Cameron Davis.
Terrorism Czar:John Brennan.
Guantanamo Closure Czar:Danny Fried.
Tobacco Czar:Lawrence Deyton.
Health Care Czar:Nancy-Ann De Parle.
War Czar:Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute
Health Foods Czar:Sam Kass.
Weapons Czar:Ashton Carter.
Information Technology Czar:Vivek Kundra.
Weapons of Mass Destruction Czar:Gary Samore.
Workplace Czar:Chai Feldblum.

Anonymous said...

You are all idiots! W needs to be put in jail for treason along with his whole administration!

Anonymous said...

We need to pray long and hard on this. Firsy, that it is true.
Second, that Congressman Issa will be, and stay safe. I don't put it past Bo to do something stupid, like try to stop the Congressman in any and all the ways he can.
Third, pray this will be good for the country. Not devide us more, by people calling this just racely motovated propaganda by the right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Honorable Congressman Issa, Obama needs to be sent directly to prison, not impeached!!! Only a qualified sitting President or other high official can be impeached, Obama has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is even qualified to hold the office!!! All of the acts and appointments he has allowed during his tenure need to be rejected and that will not happen with impeachment!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Honorable Congressman Issa, Obama needs to be sent directly to prison, not impeached!!! Only a qualified sitting President or other high official can be impeached, Obama has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is even qualified to hold the office!!! All of the acts and appointments he has allowed during his tenure need to be rejected and that will not happen with impeachment!!!!

ladybard said...

Not president by reason of ineligibility.
Not freely and fairly elected.
Funded by illegal foreign contributions.
Funded by parties hostile to the USA.
Violated the Logan Act on at least three occasions.
Charged with Violating the War Act in re Libya.
As US Senator campaigned in a foreign election, for a person hostile to the USA, a cousin.
Supported and condoned a cousin guilty of genocide in Kenya.
Unlawfully signed a check for $1.3 million dollars for a terrorist organisation - Hamas.
Used a stolen Social Security number.
Issued a falsified birth cert as a legal document.
Systematically alienating America's friends and destroying America's economy.

Cannot be charged with treason because he is not an American Citizen.
Can be charged as an Enemy Agent - and sent to Gitmo.

The temporary embarrassment is less than current global mockery of the USA, particularly in moslem countries.

The temporary embarrassment is insignificant compared to the major, profound and fundamental damage caused to our economy, heritage, national self image/esteem, loss of life in our military in natural or unnatural disasters and implementation of Sharia Law if the Fraud stands a second time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Enough -- do it, already... Talk is cheap and impotent -- we need Issa to take action.

Anonymous said...

That Boy has stained out house long enough. It's about time they got something on that crooked African born foreigner. They wanted hope and change, well they got it. Hope they wouldn't find out and they changed the rules to make sure a black man made it into our highest office. Elections of 2008 when America lost its purity.

Tracy said...

You guys really don't know you're nuts, do you?

Anonymous said...

My first reaction is to send the slime balls packing but it'll never happen! He's black!

Anonymous said...

He is the first black president! That should tell you a lot! Impeachment? I don't think so!

Devereaux said...

The puppetmaster will keep the POTUS safe against these sort of charges. No traction to be had here....however....if Issa really stated looking under rocks in Chicago, I think he would be surprised what could be found there.

Devereaux said...

Rep Issa...if you want to apply pressure, look under rocks in Chicago!

steden125 said...

The Senate doesnt impeach. The House impeaches and the Senate votes to remove from office. Most people dont think Clinton was impeached because he never left office when in fact he WAS impeached by the House and the Senate voted not to remove him from office. Nixon chose to resign.

Anonymous said...

IMPEACH THE KENYAN who uses the S.S.N. of a deceased man from Connecticut & sent US troops into another war (Libya) with no prior Congressional approval...

RDW1455 said...

Anyone who thinks they will Impeach Obama is crazy! Obama and the DemoRats now own the White House, Congress,the Senators all the Judges and even the SUPREME COURT! Just who the hell is left to IMPEACH the guy? NO ONE and he knows it! If they wanted proof of what and who Obama is and what his agenda has been all along all they had to do was UNSEAL all his secret records that he ILLEGALLY SEALED away from American voters! Hell they can't even do that! Face it, AMERICA HAS BEEN HIJACKED!

ulamaxh20 said...

@ Anonymous June 17, 2011 4:04 PM I agree with you in that Obama is not legally elligible to be president of the USA since he is NOT a natural born citizen according to his long form birth certificate!

Obama needs the Issa boot smack up his duff and out of the White House!! Is Issa man enough to give Obama the shaft??

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