Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shocking - Hillary Clinton Fills State Department with Porn Stars and the Muslim Brotherhood

By Nicholas Contompasis

Yes, the woman on top in this Photo had access to Top-Secret State Department information. This is troubling on so many levels.
There are further reports of Ex-Congressman Weiner's wife who also is an aid to Clinton has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ex-Hillary Clinton intern-turned porn star opens up about politics, career change
Published: 4:17 PM 06/20/2011 | Updated: 12:24 AM 06/21/2011

By Laura Donovan - The Daily Caller

A girl’s gotta make an honest living.
That’s what Sammie Spades, a former intern for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, did when she left her paralegal position for the adult film industry.
Spades, who worked as a part-time intern for Clinton in the summer of 2006, told The Daily Caller that she abandoned her political aspirations upon finishing her tenure with the former first lady.
“After my internship, I began a career in real estate law, as a paralegal and in mortgages,” Spades told TheDC. “That industry obviously tanked and I was a broke 22-year-old homeowner in Vegas, so had to make a quick plan to keep my life going. I decided that using a different set of my assets would be a great way to fix my financial problems and get back into school.”
Spades, who took summer classes and served as a paralegal while interning with Clinton, told TheDC that she juggles classes, her job, and dancing, all while remaining an honors student.

“I now shoot porn, dance and go to school full time,” Spades wrote in an email to TheDC. “I’m even on the Deans List )” (Former Hillary Clinton intern becomes porn star)
Spades, whose real name is Samantha Kogelman, told TheDC that she was offered a full-time internship with Clinton but could not accept it.
“My parents aren’t rich, I’ve always had to work for what I want, as well as to pay my way through school,” Spades told TheDC.
The star of “Big Butts Like It Big #8″ and “White Bubble Butts #4″ added that it was a pleasure to be part of Clinton’s team.
“I really enjoyed working in Ms. Clinton’s office, it was a great experience and I was able to attend a few really cool events,” Spades told TheDC. “I feel privileged to have had been a part of it, if only for a short time.”
When it comes to politics, Spades says she’s non-partisan.
“Politically, I am not identified with a particular party, but I’m in great support of women’s rights, small businesses and I’m pro-choice,” Spades said.
A former classmate of Spades said the porn actress had been sharp and political back in high school.
“I found her to be pretty intelligent and interested in politics,” said the classmate. “She was very outgoing. She was a Democrat.”
The schoolmate, who attended Williamsville North High School and Heim Middle School with Spades, told TheDC that the adult film star did not seem like someone who would enter the porn industry.
“I was absolutely shocked to read the story on TMZ today,” the source said. “She never struck me as the type of person who would do pornography. Also, to be frank, I didn’t think she looked like she could be a porn star.”
The source, who grew up with Spades in Amherst, New York, described Spades as an “outcast by choice.”
“She certainly wasn’t in the ‘popular clique’ and I never saw her at any Student Council meetings,” says the source. “My recollection was that she would often hang out with older men. Also, my recollection was that she worked a lot during high school…which may have contributed to her not being as social as others.”
The schoolmate adds that Spades had expressed an interest in enrolling in an all girls private school in eighth grade but never ended up going, possibly because of its price tag.
“I assume her mother’s position didn’t pay particularly well — if so, it makes sense that she had financial issues,” the source said of Spades, whose mother worked as an aide at their high school.
Though they weren’t friends, the source appreciated crossing paths with Spades.
“I enjoyed our limited interactions in high school and I was surprised she didn’t try and go to a non-community college — I suspect that may have been for financial reasons as well, but I am only speculating,” says the source.
According to what appears to be Spades’s Myspace page, the 24-year-old is also married.

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