Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dirty Little Secret Obama Would Rather Not Let Get Out

These photos of Barack's then 18-year-old mother, the adventurous Stanley Ann
Dunham, are thought to have been taken by a family friend, the then 54-year-old self-avowed Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, who ran a nude photo studio in Honolulu in December of 1960, some 9 months before Obama's birth. 1 + 1 = BHO? - This was taken off another blog.

Special Note: I discussed the possibility of Frank Marshall Davis with his son who lives in Hawaii last year. He denied that President Obama is his half brother, but said he would be very proud if he was. - Nicholas P. Contompasis


BOZ said...

Looks like she was acting like a true democrat, will do anything but work.

Anonymous said...

Now that Gal got Class