Sunday, June 19, 2011


We from the right extend our hand of friendship in a gesture of unification for the survival of our country. It is our observation that the ideals and dreams of most Democrats have been hijacked by the far left.It is our feeling that the far left are not Democrats but disenfranchised revolutionary radicals who have a master plan of global social justice and wealth redistribution through the dismantling of this nation.We from the right know that you love this country as much as we do and are in pain as you watch the creation of great divides by the far left interest groups and a former President. This is not a battle of the right vs. the left or Republican vs. Democrat.
It is one of anti-American radical revolutionaries against the freedom and liberty for which our Constitutional Republic stands.Words that divide help no one but the radical left who are already mobilized and angry at the Western world, namely the United States. You are not that sort of citizen.You want your country protected and run in a proper manner without corruption and confusion by a government that operates within the confines of our Constitution, not one that seeks to rip it to shreds. You, too, want a government that understands that its role is to secure liberty, not seize it; and one that helps the people who need our help and not the ones that take advantage of our good faith.We know that independently from the current politicians in office we can restructure the priorities of our nation without discord by jointly voicing our displeasure over the way our government has been run for the past several years and which now seeks to fundamentally transform this great country into something we will soon no longer recognize.It is now up to us, the citizenry of the United States of America, Republican, Independent and Democrat to boldly stand up and protest the way this government has been hijacked. The bonds we share as Americans are stronger than the issues that divide us. We implore you to put aside your party loyalty and stand up now before our country is run financially and spiritually into the ground. We hope you take the time to pass this on to your families and friends so we can get our country back on track for the betterment of all.

Thank you,

Nicholas Contompasis
Original post 8/27/09

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