Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gay Marriage – Be Careful What You Wish For - Liberal Left

By Nicholas Contompasis

Forty years ago, the majority of the population, being baby boomers viewed marriage as a failed institution, and chose an alternate lifestyle of living together for numerous years before eventually marrying and promptly divorcing. This confused adolescent learning curve of a process almost devastated the offspring of this misguided lot. But thankfully they have learned from their parents mistakes and are showing statistically a more level headed conduct of their marital choices.
The liberal left has always included the disenfranchised homosexual community promising equal rights for all, while they blindly followed their liberal heterosexual leaders.
What is currently perplexing is the burning desire for homosexuals to get married. You would think that if they followed the doctrine of the liberal Left’s mantra of never getting married and staying free from obligations and responsibilities, they would be happy, but not so!
These chosen people want to be married. They want responsibility. They want obligations. They want children and they are willing to face the complications that come with this coupling. Simply stated, they want to live a life as other Americans live without doors being slammed in their faces.
Now, your first reaction would be that this narrative is pro-gay rights, but you’d be wrong. This article is more about the homosexual community that is more in-the-closet than they realize.
Could it be that behind every gay rights protest are budding conservatives wishing to buy a home, raise a family, no matter how perverted you may think it is, and be left alone by the masses?
Is it possible, that by leveling the playing field for homosexuals in America the Left just could lose part of its loyal base?
I know several gay conservatives who frankly want nothing more than to be left alone and to be treated with respect, which should be a simple task, but isn’t.
To put it more plainly, as long as the negative tactics of the heterosexual liberal Left keep alienating the gay community from the Right, they will never be allowed to express their true feelings and forever be manipulated by these handlers.

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CobieOB said...

Then why doesn't the Right want to embrace the Gays so they would have more voters?