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1/5/11 UPDATE: Love Triangle Could Be the Motive for the Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman Murder

Just posted on this blog a comment that could be the motive of this horrible crime. Thank you for this information Ginger.
Ginger said...
Are you aware that Mr. Neuman was MRS. Sneiderman's boss at GE? Mr. Sneiderman was not a victim of The War on Wall Street, he was most likely the victim of a man who was obsessed with Mr. Sneiderman's wife. Whether or not Mrs. Sneiderman felt the same way remains to be seen, but probably not for long.

January 5, 2011 5:37 PM"

Borrowed from CNN - Thank you
Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Police in Dunwoody, Georgia, have arrested a man in the killing of a father outside his 2-year-old son's day care center.

Hemy Zvi Neuman, 48, is charged with murder in the death of Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman on November 18. Sneiderman was shot multiple times in the parking lot of Dunwoody Prep after dropping off his son, in what police have described as an apparent "cold and calculated murder."
Neuman is scheduled to make his first court appearance Wednesday in DeKalb County Magistrates Court.
Police have not given a possible motive for Neuman nor said whether he and Sneiderman knew each other. The investigation is ongoing, police said.
Witnesses to the shooting told police a man came up from behind Sneiderman, opened fire, and shot him multiple times. They said the shooter then got away in a silver minivan that didn't have a license plate.
Sneiderman's killing shocked and perplexed many in the community. The married father of two "was murdered. No one should ever have to face that," said his brother Steven Sneiderman at the time. "Our family has been devastated. My niece and nephew will never know their father. My sister-in-law has had an entire lifetime of dreams ripped from her. Our whole family has lost its brightest light, and we don't know why."
The family offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.
Sneiderman, 36, was a Cleveland, Ohio, native, a Harvard MBA graduate, and an active volunteer with the Georgia chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, CNN affiliate WSB reported.
A week before his death, police said, Sneiderman called police to report a suspicious person behind his house, WSB reported.
Hemy Neuman's Facebook page shows a picture of him smiling with his arms around three children who appear to be teenagers. It says he has worked at General Electric and studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His LinkedIn page says he is an operations and quality manager at General Electric.
Neuman has not made a public statement since the arrest.


Operations & Quality Manager at General Electric
Greater Atlanta Area
Hemy Neuman
Current•Operations & Quality Manager at GE
Past•Deputy GM and Program Manager at GE
•Global Quality, Regulatory and Safety Manager at GE
•Production Manager at GE
Education•Bradford University
•Georgia Institute of Technology
Connections 8 connections IndustryElectrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Hemy Neuman’s Summary
A results driven leader that utilizes operational excellence through organizational motivation to deliver results, that can think strategically with tactical translation to action, able to manage local teams or large complex global organizations with innovative ideas that generate competitive success. Vast international experience in multifunctional environments managing engineering teams developing complex integrated systems (hardware, physics and software) in the aerospace, healthcare and energy sectors, implementing successful quality systems and improvement strategies and driving productivity gains in manufacturing, product design and services.
Hemy Neuman’s Specialties:
Operations management, strategic planning, engineering management, financial planning and analysis, product development, quality systems, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, software development, electrical, electronic and mechanical systems, medical devices
Hemy Neuman’s Education
Bradford University
Master , Business Administration, Finance Specialty , 1998
Completed with Distinction
Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering , Aerospace , 1980 — 1984
Completed with Honor

Prior Story by the author of this blog
By Nicholas Contompasis

On Thursday morning Rusty dropped off his child at preschool for the last time. Shortly after doing so, he was shot at point blank range several times and left to die in his own blood. Russell Sneiderman, 36, Rusty to his friends and relatives had an MBA from Harvard and had handled private banking for JPMorgan in Atlanta before being laid off two years ago. The only witness, helped police draw up the only picture they have of this lone assailant. He was described as a man with a beard and cap which is included in this story.

What makes this killing noteworthy is that it may be the beginning of many more assassinations of bankers and government officials who have ignored the people and organizations that invested monies in instruments that Rusty and others like him have sold over the past few years. As the dust settles from the massive destruction of wealth in this country over the past three years, only banks and bankers were helped out, with investors left holding the bag which at this point is empty. There have been no indictments or trials of these individuals that duped millions of investors around the world. The government has acted in concert with these bankers by refunding them, while looking the other way. This has led many to feel that they are just as guilty as the bankers that took the money on a sure thing, which later became worthless.

We are not aware that Mr. Sneiderman has ever defrauded his clients or been involved in misrepresenting products he has sold or packaged over the years, but this investigation is new and over the next few months I’m sure we will find more motives for someone taking such rash steps.

To be frank, I’m quite surprised this type of gangland hit hasn’t happened sooner and more often as people become more desperate. Of course, again, the mainstream media is ignoring another important story, that America would like know about. Yet, they sweep it under the carpet hoping there won’t be a citizen revolt against the government and banking system. This tactic can work just so long as the peasants slowly gather with their pitchforks and torches blazing by the light of a full moon.


wholesale coach said...

Nice pice.

Deborah S said...

You idiot. Why don't you read the facts of the case before you publish such drivel? Rusty hadn't worked for JP Morgan private banking for two years. He was LAID OFF during the financial meltdown of 2008.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

To Deborah S
Thank you for the added information. There were only four articles on google about this shooting which I think is wrong. It should be getting much more attention. If you know anything else about him and his life I would like to do a follow up article about his life. I'm not out to condemn him, it's important to find out if this killing was because of his business dealings and a hit was put out on him.
Thanks in advance.
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Anonymous said...

So, a random execution of a guy that happens to be a Jew. You really think that some disgrubtled investor did this. Take a good look at the artist's rendering. Look like an "investor" to you? . Looks more like a middle eastern cab driver to me. OH OH - moslem looking guy tied to a Jew's murder. Give you any thughts" If I were the Dunwoody, GA police, I'd be checking mosque congregatons

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Correct about the shooters looks. Very Middle Eastern look. Remember assassins come in all shapes and sizes. They are paid by people that have lots of money. It could be anybody that ordered this. Problem is they may never tell us when they do find out. You know how that is.

Todd P said...


As I do somewhat agree with you in principal about the state of this country, I do find this post to be nauseating. You have zero proof that "Rusty" sold any of these instruments, and to link him to that bs for self promotion of a blog is irresponsible. You are smearing a good man's name. Shame on you.

I live in Dunwoody, and only know of the good that Rusty has done for others, selflessly and very quietly. I highly doubt he had any involvement with the derivates market and the selling of that junk.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Thanks for the comment Todd. If you read the article I did not say he was involved with something unethical. But his killer may have, thus the comments made by the police.
Just a little background about my involvement. I'm very close to many on Wall Street and they forwarded me this article (below). Take a look at it and you tell me what you think. Karl is in the know and wouldn't make statements like this without some knowledge of the situation. After reading his article I wrote mine after doing a little research on the matter. I personally am alarmed by this killing and I feel so sorry for his family and young child. The more I read about him, the more I understand he was a good member of your community and will be missed.
But let's not forget, many made a lot of money on Wall Street and many investments were not represented properly. Thus the problem our country is facing.
Thx again for your comment. I do listen.

Posted 2010-11-22 11:20
by Karl Denninger
in Corruption
Random Murder Or An Organized Hit?

A valid question, I believe....

The shooting was not random, police have concluded. Investigators have spent the day interviewing friends, family and business associates hoping to develop a motive for the killing. So far, they have none.


Davidson, who lives in Los Angeles, said the Sneidermans relocated to Atlanta about a decade ago. Rusty Sneiderman served as chief operating officer for Innovia Group and then as a financial consultant for the Atlanta division of JP Morgan Chase & Co. Private Bank, where, according to Davidson, he advised "high-end" clients with large estates.

What happened ?

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Copy and paste the link in my prior comment to read more of this article. It seems there's a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Meta said...


I am an award winning doc filmmaker-
if you want to talk about connecting the dots from this to Foreclosuregate it might be good as I am making
WARCLOSURE: The American Scheme
about the foreclosure crisis- and I just beat JP Morgan Chase in my own personal foreclosure battle over 2 years...

I think this guy KNEW too much- I bet he was involved with CDO and MBS derivatives- a Harvard MBA? No, he was answering phones- damn yeah he was part of the brain trust that created what was illegal but profitable (short term) and maybe not even malicious as no one thought real estate would EVER depreciate... and

Ginger said...

Are you aware that Mr. Neuman was MRS. Sneiderman's boss at GE? Mr. Sneiderman was not a victim of The War on Wall Street, he was most likely the victim of a man who was obsessed with Mr. Sneiderman's wife. Whether or not Mrs. Sneiderman felt the same way remains to be seen, but probably not for long.

Anonymous said...

When the trial starts, you will see that this had nothing to do with business and more to do with personal issues, including a love triangle... sad. very sad..

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Yes, it is sad. We knew early on that it wasn't business but many on Wall Street thought at the time it was a deal gone bad.
The age old love triangle again.

Anonymous said...

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