Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beware of the Islamic Monster That Will Rise from the Ashes of an Imploding Middle East

By Nicholas Contompasis

Make no mistake about it; what’s going on, this very second, in every Middle Eastern country is not good. At first blush the hopes and dreams of all peoples of the world wish these long oppressed countries good luck, but the odds are against them historically. This region has long been controlled by dictators and police states that have brutalized their people. The list is long and the death toll is even longer.
Both the Bush and Obama Administrations have encouraged Middle Eastern countries to adopt more Western ideals of human rights and Democracy over the years so as not to be blamed for the injustices their allies committed. Yes, it was lip service but it helped Presidents and Prime Ministers sleep at night. The takeover of Iraq and Afghanistan has given countries in the region hope that a country like the United States would be there if they revolted against their masters. That’s why President Obama’s refusal to intervene in Iran’s corrupt elections and days of riots was very disappointing on so many levels. His refusal just may have delayed the uprisings you’re seeing now across the region by two years. Nevertheless, what is taking place now has a double edg to it which could either end up destroying any stability in the region or be the blessing we all have been waiting for.

The current leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Jordan and yes even Saudi Arabia have held a lid on human rights and Democracy for a good reason. They know that the real power and underlying force in their countries is the Mosque and the Imam that runs his flock. The Imams know that dictators come and go, but the mosque will always be there, and so will the religion and its power over the people.

For the West it’s easy to advise from afar, but when it comes to knowing how to keep order in a country and keep the radical violent Islamic movement at bay, only the current leaders would know what’s best. The lesser of two evils always seems to be our Catch-22 and we are always damned no matter which position we take in that part of the world.

Unfortunately, installing Democracy in the Middle East is like releasing a lamb onto a field of wolves. What a shame for these children of the desert who have long been mistreated and abused.

What’s so troubling about the past two weeks developments in the Middle East is that the possibility of a monolithic radical Islamic nation could form. It would be a coming together of all nations of the region that would be led by a strict Islamic theocracy similar to Iran, if not by Iran. The formation of this type of entity would be biblical in dimension and could be considered a step closer to a global religious war that would kill millions and solve nothing.

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